How does the cable system work on a pop up camper?

How does the cable system work on a pop up camper?

The lift system on a pop-up camper is an ingenious system based on pulleys and cables. When you crank the pop-up camper’s roof, you are actually turning a winch. The winch pulls on cables to lift the system, and tension is distributed to the four corners of the camper to keep the pop-up’s roof in place.

How does the Goshen lift system work?

The Goshen Lift system Within the tube is located a simple mechanism that utilizes one pulley to push four heavy duty springs through tubes routed to each corner of the trailer. As the springs are pushed through the tubes, the corners of the roof are pushed to the open position.

How much does a Bonair Tent trailer weigh?

Located at

Stock 9950
Transmission Not applicable
Slides 1
Hitch Weight 270 lbs
Dry/Unloaded Weight 2200 lbs

What are pop up roofs made of?

Pop-up camper roofs are made of 1” x 2” boards that form the pop-up ceiling frame. On the inside, there is a thin sheet of luan (plywood) attached to a foam core. This soft roof is what allows the pop-up camper to have its “pop” properties.

How do you grease a Goshen lift system?

1: Goshen Lift Replacement Cable for Pop Up Campers. Then pulleys and sheet metal can both be sparingly sprayed with silicon lube. Lube each pulley with a dry lube like silicone spray (there are a few in the lift posts also).

What does GVWR mean on a pop-up camper?

The Gross Vehicle Weight is the actual weight of the fully loaded RV including all cargo, fluids, passengers, and optional equipment. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the heaviest weight determined by the manufacturer for the safe operation of your RV.

Can a Subaru Outback tow a camper?

Did you know that Subaru Outbacks can tow RVs? Subaru built the Outback to be a rugged backcountry vehicle. The Outback has a towing capacity of 2,700 pounds. While the Outback can’t tow a full-sized RV, it can still tow many small RVs.

How do you rebuild a camper roof?

Replacing an RV rubber roof

  1. First, take off all of the rooftop objects like the A/C, vents, etc.
  2. Remove the old rubber membrane and sub-roof sheeting from the roof.
  3. Place a new rubber membrane and sheeting that goes under the rubber.
  4. Reinstall the rooftop objects.
  5. Apply sealant to all of the seams and joints.

Where does the extra wire go on a Bonair tent trailer?

Where does the extra wire The common wires are tail, right, left, ground, brakes, and 12v power. white 10g- trailer ground black 10g- Style: Popup Portal Mobile. My sister just purchased a Bonair tent trailer. still can’t seem to find any 8 pin wiring diagrams, one said there were two power wires, one is dedicated to.

How does the lift cable work on a Bonair 1200?

Your specific lifting unit on the 1200 may be slightly different from the Bonair 700 model I am familiar with. Basically, the lifting cables run from the crank pulley under the rear of the trailer, then run up the walls in each of the 4 corners of the trailer up into the lift arms.

What is wrong with my Bonaire 1200 tent trailer roof lift?

Our roof lift system for our 1981 Bonaire 1200 tent trailer just stopped lifting with the crank. The cable on the underside that attaches to the winch appears to be loose and the pulley channel appears to be bent. The cable appears frayed. What are the detailed steps that we need to take to return our lift system to working order?

Is there a manual for a Coleman Bonair cable system?

The manual you provided is for a Coleman. We have a Bonair. We already did a quick internet search to gain an understanding of how the basic system works with a basic Bonair manual. We need to understand how to access and remove/replace the cable system without tearing the entire trailer apart. Thanks, Lisa.

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