How does Iori turn 2 bar combos into 3 bar combos?

How does Iori turn 2 bar combos into 3 bar combos?

Iori can turn any of his 2 bar Quickmax combos into a 3 bar combo by cancelling 2363214A/C into 236236AC. Mid Iori Quickmax conversion.

What is the last combo type in KOF 2002?

The last combo type is a new combo only present in KOF 2002. It can be done by taking advantage of the unique input system of KOF 2002. —————- ABOUT THE COMBOS —————- Take note that a certain few of the listed combos don’t work at all (or work poorly) for a minority of characters.

Is there a combo FAQ for King of Fighters 2002?

Yes, this is a Combo FAQ or more specifically, a Basic Game Combo FAQ for The King of Fighters 2002 (Arcade and Neo-Geo). I was never really interested to write an in-depth all character FAQ in the first place considering the huge amount of dedication and work needed to get it done.

Can Iori add 63214bd to his 6A?

Iori can add 63214BD after his 214A rekka chain to OTG the opponent for a damage increase if you have at least 0.5 bars. You can add both parts of Iori’s 6A after crouching lows at point blank range. Using two EX moves in a combo will result in more damage than a super for the same cost.

How do you cancel Iori’s combos?

Combo Advice: Comboes from any of Iori’s cancelable normals, and also after f+A (1st hit), which is a preferable way to confirm into it (such as cl.C f+A or cr.B cl.B f+A). You can also super cancel it from his dp+C.

What happened to Iori’s Poderes?

Desde su primera apariciĆ³n, Iori no ha presentado muchos cambios en sus movimientos. No fue hasta The King of Fighters XII donde tuvieron que reemplazar sus movimientos completamente, debido a que en la historia del juego, sus poderes fueron robados por Ash Crimson .

How do I give Iori 2 hit confirmations?

Combo Advice: f+A (the 1st hit) gives Iori 2-3 hit confirms by canceling into Maiden Masher (qcf, hcb+P), or a fairly limiting but useful max bypass qcb+BC. While f+A becomes cancelable in max mode, it doesn’t add much damage, and canceling it drains your max mode bar, so not very useful to do that.

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