How does Gatsby represent the failure of the American dream?

How does Gatsby represent the failure of the American dream?

Over the course of his adult life, Gatsby devoted all of his energy to making as much money as possible and, in this respect, Gatsby represents the success of the American Dream. His wealth and his success are therefore inconsequential and the American Dream is portrayed as a failure.

How does Jay Gatsby represent the American dream essay?

During the story Gatsby represents the American dream, he rises above his father and becomes the rich man he wanted to be. The novel also shows the condition of the American Dream in the 1920s. The topics of dreams, wealth, and time relate to each other in the novel’s exploration of the idea of America.

How did the American dream kill Gatsby?

Full of revenge, Wilson goes to Gatsby’s house, shoots him and then suicides. Nick finds him dead in the pool. He tries to call Daisy and inform her about Gatsby’s death but the Buchanans have already left to another house.

How is The Great Gatsby a critique of the American Dream?

Rather than an eager celebrant, Fitzgerald is a harsh critic of “the American dream” in his novel, The Great Gatsby . In a sense, Gatsby’s quest for the American dream is ill-fated, as his devotion for Daisy is misguided as she cannot fulfill the role and expectations placed upon her by him.

What is the moral of Great Gatsby?

The moral of The Great Gatsby is that the American Dream is ultimately unattainable. Jay Gatsby had attained great wealth and status as a socialite; however, Gatsby’s dream was to have a future with his one true love, Daisy.

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