How do you win as Protoss?

How do you win as Protoss?

Protoss relies on their high tech units to win the games….For Offense:

  1. Never attack one point at a time. Hit their main with a zealot drop and their third with your main army.
  2. High Templar are your friend. Around 10-12 by late game will counter practically anything.
  3. Always have 2-3 proxy pylons on the map.

Which race is best in Brood War?

Top Races For StarCraft: Brood War

1. Terran 446 Tournaments
2. Zerg 459 Tournaments
3. Protoss 388 Tournaments
4. Random 29 Tournaments

How do you beat Protoss as Zerg?

A direct confrontation with the main Protoss army should be avoided until Zerg has +3 Carapace to match the Protoss +3 Attack since Zerglings die upon being hit twice if the attack upgrades of the zealot are higher than the carapce upgrades of the zergling. Although nydus canals are not as useful in Zerg vs.

Can you mind control aldaris?

As soon as a Dark Archon hits the platform, use Mind Control on Aldaris. Instant win. Enjoy the ensuing cutscene and plot twists. There’s also a third option: build at least 16 Scouts, put them in two groups of about the same size, and move both at Aldaris with about one or two seconds between each other.

What is Protoss good at?

Protoss are strong with psionic ability. To handle being outnumbered, they employ mobility and surprise. Also, they have a killer fleet: ships upon ships capable of destruction. This race has expensive units that are worth the price.

How do you defend Zerg Rush as a Protoss?

The easiest is if you see an early spawning pool from zerg. If you know beforehand that your opponent is going for a ling / marine rush, set up defenses. Wall off your ramp and put a zealot on “hold position”, with stalkers in back, and a sentry to forcefield and keep half their units at the bottom of the ramp.

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