How do you use homax roll-on texture popcorn?

How do you use homax roll-on texture popcorn?

In a 5 gallon bucket, empty the contents the Homax® Smooth Roll-On Texture (2 gal) and add approximately one pint of water. Using a Drill mixer or stir stick, mix to the consistency of soft ice cream, stirring thoroughly until texture is smooth, creamy and uniform.

Can you roll-on popcorn texture?

The popcorn or acoustical ceiling texture is usually applied with either a roll-on method or spray method. This effect on the ceiling can dramatically change the way a room looks, and it is relatively easy to care for.

Can you roll a popcorn ceiling?

What Type of Roller is Recommended? Painting a popcorn ceiling is much easier (and faster) with a paint sprayer. But if you don’t have access to a paint sprayer or renting one is not an option, Poellinger recommends choosing a roller that matches the thickness of the texture you are painting.

Can you apply popcorn ceiling with a roller?

What roller do you use for popcorn ceiling?

The best nap roller covers for ceiling and Drywall are medium 3/8′′. Walls, Wood, and Metal are best suited for small 1/4′′ roller covers or foam rollers. Surfaces with light to medium textured surfaces should be microfiber rollers.

How do you mix homax popcorn ceiling texture?

Place 1 ¼ gallon (4.73 L) of water in a clean 5-gallon bucket. Slowly add texture and mix thoroughly (drill-type mixer recommended). Allow material to soak for 15 minutes. Remix texture before use, adding more water if thinning is desired.

What is the best roller for popcorn ceiling?

Top 5 Paint Roller Covers For Popcorn Ceilings

  • Wooster Brush Popcorn Acoustical Roller Cover.
  • FOAM PRO Foam Paint Roller.
  • Wagner SMART Paint Roller.
  • Pro Grade Paint Roller Covers.
  • Bates Paint Roller Covers.

How do you popcorn texture a ceiling?

In order to apply a textured popcorn ceiling, you need to prepare the room by covering or removing your furniture and priming the ceiling. Then, you need to combine the popcorn mixture with water before applying it to your ceiling.

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