How do you use BCycle?

How do you use BCycle?

How it Works

  1. Join the Movement. Download the BCycle App to sign up for a membership or pay as you go.
  2. Unlock Pure Joy. Find stations and unlock bikes in the app or use your membership card to unlock bikes.
  3. Go for a Ride.
  4. Lock and Repeat.

What does BCycle mean?

bicycle. / (ˈbaɪsɪkəl) / noun. a vehicle with a tubular metal frame mounted on two spoked wheels, one behind the other. The rider sits on a saddle, propels the vehicle by means of pedals that drive the rear wheel through a chain, and steers with handlebars on the front wheelOften shortened to: cycle, informal bike.

How do I stop BCycle?

Remove lock from basket and slide through station docking arm and into the rear wheel receiving mechanism. Once lock is properly engaged, the bikes’ LCD screen will display ‘BIKE LOCKED. ‘ Tap the ‘END RIDE’ icon on the screen.

Does San Antonio have city bikes?

San Antonio Bike Share had established 65 docking stations and 650 bikes across the city as of January 2020. Currently, members of the bike-share program pay $11 for a day pass, $22 for a monthly pass, $100 for an annual pass, or $2.25 for every 30 minutes. Non-members can use the bikes for $3.75 per half-hour.

How fast is a BCycle?

The BCycle electric is a pedal assist bike that amplify your pedaling power and your ability to do and see more. It features a Bosch system that provides support up to 17 mph. Designed for comfort on commutes, daily cruises, and recreational rides.

How do you use a BCycle ebike?

How do I ride an e-bike? Just like a regular bike of course! You just need to make sure you turn the power on by pressing the power button above the small screen located on the left handlebar. When you turn the screen on you can see how much battery life is left and it will tell you your speed while you’re riding.

What kind of bike is BCycle?

BCycle is a public bicycle sharing company owned by Trek Bicycle and is based in Waterloo, Wisconsin, United States. It has 47 local systems operating in cities across the United States. However, in several cities it operates under a name other than BCycle (i.e., CAT Bike, Red Bike, GREENbike, etc.)

How do I return a BCycle bike?

Bikes can only be returned to a station with an open dock. If you arrive at a station that’s full, you can follow the instructions on the kiosk (where available) or BCycle app to get 15 more minutes to bike to another station.

Can I use tap card Metro bike?

Will my TAP card work on Metro Bike Share? Yes, if you register it at You can register an existing TAP card or request a new TAP card when you buy a pass. The bike share registered TAP card will be your key to unlock a bike at a station.

Is San Antonio bike friendly?

San Antonio is routinely ranked in the lower half of cities when it comes to being bike-friendly. (When Bicycling magazine ranked the 50 best bike cities in 2016, the only Texas city to make the list was Austin, for its commitment to developing and maintaining bike lanes and trails.)

Are bikes allowed on San Antonio Riverwalk?

Just beautiful, you can bike the North and South part of the Riverwalk but not the central part. I biked the north river part this trip and it took me to the San Antonio Zoo and the Japanese gardens. The river is very scenic some Bikes & and many runners on the path.

Do heavier cyclists descend faster?

‘When you increase the mass the speed increases by cubic function, whereas if you increase the aerodynamic drag the speed decreases by a square function. Hence why cyclists who are heavier can go faster,’ Fonda says.

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