How do you turn on the straight line laser level?

How do you turn on the straight line laser level?

Turn on the X3. Choose either a horizontal or a vertical laser orientation by rotating the X3 along its axis. Use the on-board bubble level to ensure the laser beam is completely level. Further adjust the laser orientation by using the micro-adjust knobs on the top of the X3.

How do you set laser levels?

How to Set Grade with a Laser Level

  1. Set up the laser level on a tripod on firm dry ground.
  2. Turn on the laser level and give it a moment to self-level.
  3. Identify the initial height of your grade.
  4. Place the bottom of the leveling rod at the desired height.
  5. Adjust the laser detector up or down until you hear a beep.

How do you use a laser level for a retaining wall?

Turn on the laser level and line up the laser with mark horizontally along the wall. Adjust the level so the bubble sits between the black lines on the vial by pivoting around the point where the mark and the laser meet. When the laser is level and it runs through the mark, attach it to the wall snugly.

How do you calibrate a strait line stud finder?

Hold the Stud Finder in still position flat on testing surface for approximately 5 seconds until the upper red LED is OFF and the “beep” sound stops. This indicates successful calibration. It is important that the unit is not calibrated over a stud.

How do you use a level properly?

Place the level on the surface of the object for which you want to find the true horizontal (the “horizon”). Make sure the spirit tube runs parallel to the object. Allow the bubble to float to the top of the spirit tube. Put your eyes at level with the spirit tube.

How do laser levels set posts?

How to Use a Laser Level to Align Fence Posts

  1. Place a tripod at the end of your intended fence line.
  2. Attach a laser onto the tripod in its vertical position.
  3. Verify the laser’s attachment to the tripod by hand-tightening the threaded bell assembly.
  4. Turn the laser on using the corresponding buttons.

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