How do you trigger the end in FF8?

How do you trigger the end in FF8?

The way the mechanics work, Selphie has a chance to get The End until level 40. She then loses the ability to roll The End until she is at level 80. Both Crisis Level and her level affect the chance….Final Fantasy VIII.

Level Crisis Level Chance of The End
90-99 3 4/256
100 2 4/256
100 4 1/256

How do you get the selfie card in FF8?

Obtain. Selphie’s Friend has the Selphie card. Selphie is held by Selphie’s Friend who sits by the fountain in the center of Trabia Garden next to the draw point. She plays with Trabia region rules, which include Plus and Random by default.

How old is selphie?

17 years old
Selphie Tilmitt is 17 years old and was born on July 16. Her height varies between 5’1 ½ and 5’2” (156-157 cm) depending on the official source. Her main weapons are oversized nunchaku, and her Limit Break is Slot. Selphie is also a SeeD operative, but she transferred to Balamb Garden to complete her field exam.

How do you get selphie’s ultimate weapon?

Final Fantasy VIII Strange Vision is Selphie’s ultimate weapon, providing 25 Attack and 255 Hit Rate. It can be obtained from a junk shop by trading 800 gil, an Adamantine, Star Fragment x3, and Curse Spike x2.

How many girlfriends are in Ffviii?

16 junctionable
In Final Fantasy 8, the summons are called Guardian Forces (GFs). There are 16 junctionable GFs in total, with an additional six that cannot be junctioned but that appear at random during battles or that are summoned by using specific items.

How do you get Squall Lionheart?

How to get Lionheart, Squall’s Ultimate Gunblade, very early in FF8

  1. Step 0: Keep your party’s levels below 20 until you obtain Lion Heart.
  2. Step 1: Acquire the ‘Quezacotl’ GF and learn ‘Card’ and ‘Card Mod’
  3. Step 2: Get acquainted with ‘Triple Triad’
  4. Step 3: Acquire the ‘Ifrit’ Guardian Force and ‘Ifrit’ card.

How do you get the Irvine card in ff8?

Irvine is the second card obtained from the Queen of Cards quest. It becomes available in Flo’s hand in the mayor’s house in Fishermans Horizon after losing Sacred to the Queen of Cards and sending her to Dollet. While there, she gives the card to her son and her father creates the Irvine card, which shows up in FH.

How can I get a Shiva card?

Obtain in White Seed Ship Give Girl Next Door Magazine to Watts in White Seed Ship. In return, he will give you the Shiva Card.

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