How do you take care of a Mammillaria cactus?

How do you take care of a Mammillaria cactus?

These cacti prefer lots of sun, at least five hours of direct sun daily. Indoors a south facing window is ideal. Outdoors, place them in a spot where they will get plenty of sun exposure. If you are growing this plant outdoors be sure to provide it with light shade to protect it from intense, peak afternoon sun.

How much sun does a Mammillaria cactus need?

about four hours per day
Mammillaria Cactus Light & Temperature Requirements Provide your mammillaria cactus with intense and bright light from the sun for about four hours per day. Consider placing your cactus plant by a window that receives full morning sunlight and indirect sunlight for much of the day for optimal growth.

How big can a Mammillaria cactus get?

Mammillaria cactus varieties can span sizes from one inch in diameter (2.5 cm.) to one foot in height (30 cm.). The majority of the readily available species are the ground hugging variety. As interior plants, growing Mammillaria couldn’t be easier. They need well-draining soil, good light and warm temperatures.

How big does a pincushion cactus get?

6 inches
Pincushion cacti are small, squat plants that usually don’t grow more than 6 inches (15 cm.) in height.

When should I repot my Mammillaria cactus?

The best time to repot a Mammillaria is late winter or early spring, but the repotting process can be done almost any time of the year. Do not water for a week or so after repotting to reduce the risk of root rot.

How often do Mammillaria bloom?

How Often Do Mammillaria Bloom? In an ideal outdoor setting, these plants produce buds during one growing season and then go dormant through the winter and into the spring and early summer. After the first summer rain, the pincushion cactus open and the flowers last for about seven days.

What are the fuzzy balls on a cactus?

What’s the white fuzz on cactus? The pests that cause the white fuzz are called mealybugs. If you spot white fuzz on your cactus plants, you’re most probably dealing with a pest infestation. As the population of these bugs grows on your cacti, they gather and group together.

How often do you need to water a pincushion cactus?

Light & Temperature: Generally speaking, these plants like warm temperatures (50°-85° degrees Fahrenheit) and bright light. Watering & Feeding should be sparse year round. During the spring, summer and early fall, water thoroughly when the soil is almost dry. During the winter, reduce watering by half.

How often do you water a Mammillaria cactus?

about once a month
You should only water about once a month, and then quite sparingly. Just give the plant enough water to prevent having it shrivel up. Be sure to keep your plant at about 50° degrees Fahrenheit during the winter and provide plenty of indirect light.

How do you make Mammillaria bloom?

Mammillarias can benefit from fertilization during the growing season. The fertilizer will help them to thrive and bloom. Apply a water-soluble fertilizer for cacti and other succulents. A houseplant fertilizer higher in phosphorus than nitrogen, such as a 5-10-5 solution, can also be used.

How can you tell if a cactus is Mammillaria?

All have nipple-like tubercles with dimorphic areoles on the ends. Spines may be stiff and stout, few or many, bristle-like, hair-like, pectinate (comb-like), and come in a wide range of colors. In the axils, that is between the tubercles, there may be wool or bristles or both or neither.

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