How do you say computer in French?

How do you say computer in French?

  1. [industry, market] du PC.
  2. [maker, sales] de PC.
  3. [software] pour PC.

What is the old French term of marriage?

Etymology. From Middle English mariage, from Old French mariage, from marier (“to marry”), from Latin marītō (“marry”, verb, literally “give in marriage”), from maritus (“lover”, “nuptial”), from mas (“male, masculine, of the male sex”).

Is marriage feminine or masculine in French?

Pronounced the same

Recording English French
Recording Englishmarried (masculine singular) French marié
Recording Englishmarried (masculine plural) French mariés

Can I get married in France?

Legally marry in France through a civil ceremony, and then also hold a religious ceremony (at a religious building) or humanist wedding ceremony with a registered celebrant (at any chosen venue) on the same day or a couple of days later if you wish.

How are weddings celebrated in France?

A typical French wedding lasts all day and into the next. It often starts with a civil ceremony in the morning, and is followed by a religious ceremony, then a small cocktail reception (a vin d’honneur), a four or five-course meal, and then dancing, which often starts between dinner courses.

Which marriage is more successful?

Arranged marriages provide equal stature, financial stability, cultural identity and the same opinions among partners and families, so, there is very less chance of disputes. The only downside to this is that partners do not know each other nor do they love each other before the marriage; well, most of the times.

Why love marriages are opposed in India?

Love Marriage is still an exception in India Parents are opposed to love marriages because arranged marriages are the norm in our country and anyone trying to challenge this stranglehold of arranged marriage is considered to have gone “astray” from the family traditions.

What is it called when a married couple has a boyfriend?

Also known as “consensual polyamory” or “relationship anarchy,” this new form of marriage is secretly surging.

Can 2 foreigners marry in France?

Q: Can two foreigners get married in France? A: The answer is yes. Two foreigners can get married in France just as two French nationals can get married there.

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