How do you make a weldment cut list in Solidworks?

How do you make a weldment cut list in Solidworks?

Easily Create a Custom Weldment Cut List Template in SOLIDWORKS

  1. To do this, go to Open a part file (.
  2. Once the drawing view is placed, highlight the view, then go to Insert > Tables > Weldment Cut List, then place the table on the drawing.
  3. Once the table is placed on the drawing, make any desired changes to the table.

How do I create a cutting list in Solidworks?

To insert a weldment cut list table into a drawing:

  1. In a drawing, click Weldment Cut List.
  2. Select a drawing view.
  3. Specify properties in the Weldment Cut List PropertyManager, then click .
  4. If you did not select Attach to anchor point in the PropertyManager, click in the graphics area to place the cut list.

How do I edit a cut list in Solidworks?

In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click a Cut-List-Item in a weldment part or multibody sheet metal part and click Properties. You can modify the Cut-List Properties dialog box by resizing it or changing column widths, to make information visible that would otherwise be truncated.

What is a cut list solidworks?

A cut list is an item in the FeatureManager design tree that groups the same entities of a part together. It is available in parts that have weldment or sheet metal features. Contents.

How do I add a weldment table in Solidworks?

Inserting Weld Tables

  1. With a drawing view selected, click Weld Table (Table toolbar) or Insert > Tables > Weld Table .
  2. Set the required options in the PropertyManager and click . If you did not select Attach to anchor point, click in the graphics area to place the table.

How do I add a weldment in Solidworks?

In a part, click Weld Bead (Weldments toolbar) or Insert > Weldments > Weld Bead . In an assembly, click Insert > Assembly Feature > Weld Bead . In the graphics area, select the faces or edges for the weld bead. Alternatively, use the Smart Weld Selection Tool to make selections.

How do I create a custom property in Solidworks?

To add custom properties:

  1. Click in the first blank cell under Property Name, then type a name or choose one from the list.
  2. Select a Type from the list.
  3. Under Value / Text Expression, enter a value for the custom property that is compatible with the selection in the Type cell.
  4. Press Tab or Enter.

How do I add a weldment profile in Solidworks?

Additional weldment profiles are available on the Design Library tab . Under SOLIDWORKS Content , in the Weldments folder, Ctrl + click items to download ….Weldments – Creating a Custom Profile

  1. Open a new part.
  2. Sketch a profile.
  3. Close the sketch.
  4. In the FeatureManager design tree, select Sketch1.
  5. Click File > Save As.

What is a weldment in Solidworks?

The SOLIDWORKS Weldments tool can be used to create 3D structures using components with multiple profiles with a variety of end-conditions, within a single multi-body Part File. Since any closed profile can be used, this tool is not limited to welded metal applications.

What is the difference between weld and weldment?

As nouns the difference between weld and weldment is that weld is game (animals, birds) while weldment is a part created from an assembly of smaller components that are joined by welding.

What is a cutting list in woodwork?

A cut list, also called a cutlist or cutting list, is closely related to a bill of materials. In fact, many woodworkers treat them as one and the same. It’s basically a list of all the parts required to build a woodworking project that contains a number for each part along with its thickness, width and length.

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