How do you make a newspaper article on PowerPoint?

How do you make a newspaper article on PowerPoint?

  1. Create a new PowerPoint presentation and click the “Layout” button in the Home tab.
  2. Select a suitable template to use as your starting point.
  3. Insert text boxes and rearrange them on your page to suit your desired style.
  4. Click “Insert” and then “Picture” to insert graphics.

How do I insert a background template in PowerPoint?

Select File > New from Template. The PowerPoint Presentation Gallery opens. On the left, under Templates, click My Templates. Select a template file and then click Choose.

How do you present a news story?

How to Write a News Script for TV News

  1. Be Sure to Write for the Ear.
  2. Avoid the Passive Voice.
  3. Use Present Tense Wherever Possible.
  4. Write Stories for People.
  5. Befriend Action Verbs.
  6. Be Careful With Numbers.
  7. Sell the Story.
  8. Move the Story Forward.

Is there a newspaper template on Google Slides?

The Daily News Extra, extra! Slidesgo has designed a template that resembles a newspaper!

What is the best background for PowerPoint?

Stick with white or light beige on a dark background or black (or otherwise very dark color) on a light background. Your slides will have a more professional appearance as a result. Stay away from gradients in text unless the words are large and intended to be primarily decorative in nature.

Where are background graphics in PowerPoint?

Go to View > Slide Master view and choose a layout on the left side to add a background image to the selected layout. With a layout selected, paste or insert the image as the background.

How do I save a PowerPoint background image?

The easiest way is that you open a slide in PowerPoint and remove all the text or image content, so just leave the background in the slide. Then, go to Save As and choose JPG or PNG (or any other image format). Then, specify an output directory and save.

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