How do you identify Acacia melanoxylon?

How do you identify Acacia melanoxylon?

Description. Acacia melanoxylon is a tree up to 20 m high, with a bole of about 150 cm in diameter. The bark on older trunks is dark greyish-black in colour, deeply fissured and somewhat scaly. Younger branches are ribbed, angular, or flattened towards their tips and are greenish in colour.

Is Acacia melanoxylon invasive?

melanoxylon as highly invasive and it is known to have become invasive in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Argentina and California, USA. In South Africa, the disturbance caused by habitat degradation and fynbos fires promotes A.

What is Acacia melanoxylon used for?

The fine hard wood of this wattle made strong spear-throwers, boomerangs, clubs and shields in parts of Victoria. People soaked the bark in water to bathe painful joints. The inner bark was used to make string.

How do you identify Blackwood?

It is definitely an ‘appearance timber’, with a heartwood that is a rich golden brown. This is sometimes complimented by reddish streaks or a narrow band of darker colour, indicative of the growth rings. The sapwood is much paler in appearance. Blackwood has a medium and even texture.

Are Blackwood trees fast growing?

Characteristics. Blackwood is a fast growing successional species that lives for 15 to 50 years and reproduces by prolific seeding. It can vary in appearance, from dense, twisted undergrowth through to straight-trunked trees up to 35 metres in height and 1.5 metres in diameter.

Where does Acacia melanoxylon grow?

Acacia melanoxylon is more commonly known as Australian blackwood. Other names include Blackwood, Blackwood acacia, and Tasmanian lightwood. This tree is native to Australia, where it mostly grows along the southern and eastern coast. It has become natutralised to Africa, Brazil, and New Zealand.

How long does Acacia melanoxylon live?

Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) can live for over 150 years, and its range extends from South Australia and Tasmania through to northern Queensland.

How fast does Blackwood grow?

Blackwood initially grows slowly, but from about 10 years its diameter growth may actually increase as long as the competition between the trees is controlled by thinning. Harvesting of sawlogs would not be expected before 25 years. In lower rainfall areas the time to final harvest may be at least 50 years.

Is Blackwood a good timber?

Blackwood is an excellent chairmaker’s timber because of its relatively light weight, good gluing properties and long fibres.

Is Blackwood a hardwood or softwood?

Also commonly known as “Tasmanian Blackwood,” timber from the tree Acacia Melanoxylon is a hardwood that is easily worked, is remarkably stable, and radiates subtle beauty .

What is Blackwood used for?

Blackwood is the perfect timber for fine furniture, joinery or a feature floor, radiating a subtle beauty that makes it irresistible to designers. High-quality veneers are used in joinery, cabinet-making and feature panelling.

Is Blackwood a good firewood?

Blackwood is not firewood you want to burn regularly in your fireplace. If its high heat isn’t overwhelming enough, then its smoke and smell will be. It is a dangerous wood to burn between the high creosote production and extremely dangerous smoke.

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