How do you get through lanayru Gorge?

How do you get through lanayru Gorge?

Touch down in the West Desert Bird Statue in Lanayru Desert and use your Clawshots to enter Lanayru Caves. Talk to Golo here and he’ll show you a short passage through some crumbled rocks. To clear the passage you’ll need to bowl a Bomb into the small hole.

How do you get through the Lanayru Mining Facility in Skyward Sword?

Inside the Lanayru Mining Facility, save at the bird statue at the bottom of the stairs. Starting on the right side of the room, take out the Electro Spume and the new, scorpion-like Archas. Run along the right wall to the north and pull the the switch. This unlocks a gate along the right wall.

When can you access Lanayru Gorge?

Lanayru Gorge is one of the three areas that Link is required to visit in order to learn parts of the “Song of the Hero”. It becomes accessible after Golo, the Goron miner, finally completes his mining expedition.

What is the best dungeon in Skyward Sword?

The Ancient Cistern
The Ancient Cistern is a masterclass of level design and easily the best dungeon in Skyward Sword. The Whip is an incredible item that makes great use of the Wiimote and the puzzles inside the Cistern pull from most of Link’s tool kit up to that point.

How do you beat Ghirahim the first time?

To beat the first phase, you need to move your sword all the way to one side without striking. Then as his hand is all the way to one side, flick your stick in that direction. This will swing your sword from the opposite direction.

How do I activate the power generator in Skyward Sword?

To activate the Power Node, stick your sword into it by using a stabbing motion. Rotate the Wii Remote to the left to turn the Power Node’s dial and activate it. A symbol will now appear on your map.

How do I start the generator in Skyward Sword?

Near the Bird Statue is a Timeshift Stone under a pile of rocks. Hit it to activate a time bubble that envelopes the Generator in the center of the area. A robot next to it will give you the low down: there are three Power Nodes that must be activated nearby to get the generator going.

How do you get the second generator in Skyward Sword?

Back inside the ship, head into the room on the right. Pull the switch on your left to unlock the door, and then stand under the ceiling grate. Fire up through it to hit the Timeshift Stone (again). When it’s active, use your sword to activate the second Power Generator.

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