How do you get phantom dog tags?

How do you get phantom dog tags?

The YouTube below, details the exact method to unlock the Phantom Prospect Dog Tag. You’ll need to to get 200 kills with an Assault Rifle, 200 kills with a Battle Tank, and a 300m headshot.

Where can I find Final Stand dog tags?

Here’s what you need to know to find the dogtags:

  1. The boxes spawn 5-10 minutes after match starts.
  2. They are not completely random, they are randomized between set spawn locations which you can check on the maps.
  3. You have to knife the box to reveal the dogtag.

Where are all the dog tags in Battlefield 4?

Dog Tags

  • Baku. In the Baku campaign mission, there are a total of three dog tags.
  • South China Sea. The South China Sea mission holds three hidden dog tags.
  • Singapore. In Singapore you’ll find 3 more dog tags for you to collect.

How do you unlock the phantom bow in bf4 2021?

On Operation Outbreak, the Phantom can be unlocked by going between the Ghost Town and Plantation flags on Conquest Large or Small (roughly 180 meters from the Plantation and 104 meters from the Ghost Town). It will be located near a weapons cache under a small underpass.

How do you get the fourth floor dog tag?

The 4th Floor Dog Tag awarded to Battlefield 4 players that participated in the Battlefield Hardline Beta. Those who successfully signed up for the Battlefield Hardline beta through the beta signup site were awarded the tag.

How do I get the GOL Magnum?

The GOL Magnum is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4: Second Assault. It is unlocked upon completion of the Eagle’s Nest assignment. The GOL Magnum has high damage with one shot kill to the chest and up and retains very fast handling and reload making the weapon useful for an aggressive recon role.

How do you unlock UCAV?

It is unlocked upon the completion of the “Eyes in the Sky” assignment. It functions in a similar manner to the TV Guided Missile, allowing for users to see through its onboard camera and steer the UCAV towards enemies.

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