How do you get past the sewer in Stick of Truth?

How do you get past the sewer in Stick of Truth?

Enter the sewers from the manhole outside the news office. Use the alien probe to beam yourself to the other side. Take the ladder down then shoot the valve to moderate the sewage flow. Go past it and operate the yellow valve to stop it completely.

Where are the sewers in South Park?

The sewers are accessed from a manhole just outside the South Park News Office. They are used in several side quests, most notably Dropping the Kids Off, where The New Kid must help Mr. Hankey find his missing kids.

How do you use the blood orange in Stick of Truth?

Use a Blood Orange to find and defeat a Bloodsucking Fruit Bat. Use a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol to lure out and kill the Mutant Bacteria. Use a serving of Poutine to find and defeat the Canadian Barking Spider of the Queefing Caverns.

Where are all the kindergarteners in Stick of Truth?

Finding the Kindergartners One is just to the right of the Kids’ Park where you began playing Hide n Seek, in the left corner of the yard at Mr. Slave’s House.

Where is Mr Hankey Stick of Truth?

Dropping the Kids Off is one of the many Side Quests in South Park: The Stick of Truth. To start it, go down into the Sewers, and talk to Mr. Hankey outside of his house.

Where are all the kindergarteners hiding in Stick of Truth?

Finding the Kindergartners A kindergartner can be found hiding behind a light pole between City Wok and the Tower of Peace.

Where are Mr Hankey’s children?

Hankey’s kids is behind a grate here. Use your weapon to kill the small rats around, and it will call a big mama rat. Kill the rats, and you’ll have saved your second kid!

What do I do with Jimbo’s key?

You will also receive a key to Jimbo’s stash. It is in the attic. Use the probe to get there. However, the weapon that you find there, is not of the best kind and you can buy something better from him at the store.

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