How do you get BSAA emblems in re5?

How do you get BSAA emblems in re5?

The BSAA Emblem is underneath the hut; you can either shoot it from where you depart the boat or throw a grenade under the hut to collect it. In the northwest corner of the map, there is a small fish farm. Once you dock, enter the hut and look at the ceiling to find the BSAA Emblem.

How many BSAA emblems are there in Resident Evil 5?

Welcome to the section of our guide that covers the locations of the thirty difficult-to-find BSAA Emblems in Resident Evil 5.

How do you unlock Sheva’s costumes?

These additional costumes for use in Campaign Mode can be unlocked by performing the following actions:

  1. Safari Chris – Complete all chapters.
  2. Clubbin’ Sheva – Complete all chapters.
  3. S.T.A.R.S. Chris – Complete all chapters and find 25 BSAA Emblems.
  4. Tribal Sheva – Complete all chapters and find 30 BSAA Emblems.

How do you unlock all the characters in Resident Evil 5?

To Unlock all of the available Figures you need to get all 30 emblems and S rank on all missions (the diffuculty does not matter) All S ranks will unlock Wesker Evolved Figure for purchase for 500 like the rest.

What happened to the BSAA?

By late 2005, the BSAA was taken over by the United Nations.

How do you get a Sheva bow?

The Longbow is an exclusive weapon to Sheva Alomar and is available after fully upgrading the S75 (RIF), completing the game once (any difficulty), and buying it for ₦50,000.

How do you get more figures in Resident Evil 5?

43 of the figurines will be unlocked once you beat the game and obtain every BSAA emblem. The final figurine will be unlocked once you obtain an S rank on every stage. You do not have to obtain an S rank on the same difficulty, it can be spread out among all four.

How do you get the bow for Sheva in Resident Evil 5?

How much is infinite ammo RE5?

To buy and fully upgrade all weapons you will need 1.588. 100 credits (gold). This translates to 794 rotten eggs. To aquire infinite ammo for all weapons you will need 239.000 Exchange Points.

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