How do you decorate the inside of a log home?

How do you decorate the inside of a log home?

How To Decorate A Log Cabin

  1. Mix and match modern and rustic cabin decor to create the perfect style.
  2. Use light colors and appropriate furniture for small cabin interiors.
  3. Keep it natural by using wood, stone, and various organic textiles.
  4. Natural light from windows and several light fixtures all add to the vibe.

How do you brighten a log home?

3 Ways to Brighten Up the Interior of a Log Cabin Home

  1. Sand the Logs. If. your log cabin home has exposed logs on the inside, they may have been stained.
  2. Pickling. Many. log cabins have wood paneling on the inside, which can be painted like any.
  3. Wall Hangings. Back. in medieval times, castles were cold with stone walls.

Can you paint the inside of a log home?

Developed for interior log surfaces, the full-matt, breathable paint is suitable for solid logs as well as various wooden panels. One of the benefits of Lastu Log paint is that it can also be used for old log surfaces.

How do you make a log cabin feel modern?

Our 5 Favorite Cabin Interior Ideas

  1. Going Natural. Natural materials dominate a cabin interior, from the frame to furnishings and accents.
  2. Warming Up. Wool throws, plush scatter pillows, and a fireplace give cabins their characteristic welcoming warmth.
  3. Bold Lighting.
  4. Wood Walls.
  5. Vintage Accessories.

Can you put drywall over log cabin walls?

You cannot place drywall directly against the logs. You need a buffer that will allow the logs to shrink while not damaging the drywall. Place wood studs every 16-inches on center, mounted with lag screws placed in vertical slots cut into the stud.

How do you make a log cabin look more modern?

Think Timber Tone Dark wood can absorb light, making a cabin interior design feel snug but smaller than it is. On the other hand, blond or whitewashed wood makes a room feel larger. If you want more cabin touches, add a wooden feature like a clad wall, exposed beams, or carved artwork.

Can you Sheetrock over log cabin walls?

How do you lighten an interior log wall?

A trick of pro designers is to whitewash the walls in order to brighten the room and make the style feel more contemporary. Whitewashing is preferred over simple white paint, as little is needed to allow the grain of the log or wood to still come through. The end result is beautifully distressed walls.

Can you plasterboard inside a log cabin?

One option is to incorporate extra insulation when you build the cabin. Companies such as Celotex and Kingspan make good-quality and affordable roofing insulation and plasterboard, which are easy to install during construction.

Can you plasterboard a log cabin?

Partition Walls in Log Cabins You would make a partition wall as you would any stud wall and probably with noggins for extra strength. Your final surface covering could be anything you would like including plasterboard.

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