How do you become an expert in literature?

How do you become an expert in literature?

Becoming an expert means many things: It means you can write a story in a shorter amount of time….

  1. Read craft books vigorously .
  2. Study books in your genre.
  3. Practice.
  4. Analyze yourself for weaknesses and then purposefully fix them.
  5. Find a teacher.

What do English majors study?

Students choose from a variety of courses within every area of the English major and may develop concentrations in a number of fields, including historical periods, cultural studies, popular culture, ethnic literatures, film studies, creative writing, and critical theory.

What can I do with a BA degree?

The Bachelor of Arts provides you with the necessary academic and intellectual foundation for graduate coursework in disciplines as varied as law, medicine, teaching, journalism, international relations, and media….Roles in this category include:

  • Doctor.
  • Urban planner.
  • Lawyer.
  • Librarian.
  • Diplomat.
  • Teacher.
  • Banker.
  • Curator.

Are English majors useless?

An English degree is useless in STEM fields and in accounting and finance (as examples only), although not necessarily useless in journalism, writing, business admin, and similar types of positions. Being able to communicate effectively with others is an excellent skill for anyone to possess.

How do you become an expert in writing?

9 Expert Tips For Better Writing

  1. Write to make a point, not a target word count.
  2. Help another edit their writing.
  3. Write something every day that you do not intend to share.
  4. Outline before drafting & Don’t confuse fiction with dishonest writing.
  5. Don’t get caught up in restating the obvious.
  6. Befriend a dictionary.

Is English language a good degree?

If you have good English skills (or you studied humanities or social sciences subjects at A level), a degree in English language could be right up your street. With most humanities subjects there are both good and bad points when it comes to finding a job, and English language is no exception.

Can I get job after BA?

1. Study Further in your Subject (MA) One of the most popular career options after BA is doing a Masters of Arts. Master of Arts refers to postgraduate degrees, which BA graduates can join to pursue higher studies in their preferred areas.

What can I do with a BA in English?

Jobs directly related to your degree include: Digital copywriter. Editorial assistant. English as a foreign language teacher….Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

  • Academic librarian.
  • Advertising copywriter.
  • Archivist.
  • Arts administrator.
  • Education consultant.
  • Information officer.
  • Learning mentor.
  • Marketing executive.

What is the highest paid degree?

Petroleum engineering

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