How do you add inputs to an array?

How do you add inputs to an array?

But we can take array input by using the method of the Scanner class. To take input of an array, we must ask the user about the length of the array. After that, we use a Java for loop to take the input from the user and the same for loop is also used for retrieving the elements from the array.

How do you input a name in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, we can get user input like this: var name = window. prompt(“Enter your name: “); alert(“Your name is ” + name); The code above simply prompts the user for information, and the prints out what they entered in.

How do you input an array in HTML?

var input = document. getElementsByName(‘array[]’); The document. getElementsByName() method is used to return all the values stored under a particular name and thus making input variable an array indexed from 0 to number of inputs.

How do you sum an array in Java?


  1. Initialize an array arr and a variable sum.
  2. Set the value of sum=0.
  3. Start a for loop from index 0 to the length of the array – 1.
  4. In every iteration, perform sum = sum + arr[i].
  5. After the termination of the loop, print the value of the sum.

How do you input a String in Java?

Example of nextLine() method

  1. import java.util.*;
  2. class UserInputDemo1.
  3. {
  4. public static void main(String[] args)
  5. {
  6. Scanner sc= new Scanner(; // is a standard input stream.
  7. System.out.print(“Enter a string: “);
  8. String str= sc.nextLine(); //reads string.

How do you display your name in JavaScript?

displayName property in JavaScript is used to set the display name of the function. If the displayName property is used to log the name without setting the displayName property of the function than the output will be undefined. Return Value: It returns nothing instead, it sets the display name of the function.

What is name attribute in input tag?

The name attribute specifies the name of an element. The name attribute is used to reference elements in a JavaScript, or to reference form data after a form is submitted. Note: Only form elements with a name attribute will have their values passed when submitting a form.

How do you sum an array?

To find the sum of elements of an array.

  1. create an empty variable. ( sum)
  2. Initialize it with 0 in a loop.
  3. Traverse through each element (or get each element from the user) add each element to sum.
  4. Print sum.

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