How do I set up my Numark Mixtrack Pro with VirtualDJ?

How do I set up my Numark Mixtrack Pro with VirtualDJ?

Software Settings

  1. Launch the Virtual DJ software, and select Config or Settings.
  2. In the following window, select the Sound Setup tab, and choose the following settings. Inputs: NONE. Outputs: HEADPHONES > Master: Front Output / Headphones: Rear output. Sound Card: 4.1 CARD > MixTrack Pro.
  3. Select Apply, and then OK.

Is Mixtrack Pro FX compatible with VirtualDJ?

MIXER & BROWSER CONTROLS * Note: The Microphone input of the Mixtrack Pro FX is directly routed to the Master Output (hardware) and not part of the USB Audio interface, therefore it cannot be recorded or controlled from VirtualDJ.

Does VirtualDJ support Numark?

The Numark Party Mix is also operating with the bundled VirtualDJ 8 Limited Edition. A detection window will appear when the unit is first connected with VirtualDJ, verifying proper connection. Click on the “Use Soundcard” if your speakers are connected to the Master Output at the rear panel of the Party Mix.

How do I pair my Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 with VirtualDJ?

Audio Configuration

  1. Launch Virtual DJ Pro or Numark Cue.
  2. Open the Settings window be clicking the CONFIG button near in the upper right corner of the application window.
  3. In the Sound Setup tab, select the following: Inputs: NONE.
  4. Select Apply, and then OK.

How do I use DJ controller on Virtual DJ?

Connect the USB cable from the computer to the controller and make the appropriate connections for the headphones and speakers. Download and install the device drivers (if available) before proceeding. Once communication with the controller is established by the computer, open VirtualDJ.

How do I set up Mixtrack Pro FX?


  1. Place MixTrack Pro FX on a flat, stable surface.
  2. Make sure all devices are turned off and all faders and gain knobs are set to “zero”.
  3. If using a microphone, connect it to MixTrack Pro FX’s microphone input.
  4. Connect MixTrack Pro FX’s outputs to power amplifiers, tape decks, and/or other audio sources.

Does Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX work with Virtual DJ?

The Mixtrack Platinum does not come with a copy of Virtual DJ 8, but it is still mapped out and ready to use. If you already own Virtual DJ and have not yet installed it, click here and follow the steps below to create your account. Login or create an account on the right side of the page.

Is Numark NS7 compatible with Virtual DJ?

Yes the NS7 and its effects controoler will and do work flawlessly with VDj.

How do I connect my virtual DJ controller?

Does Numark Mixtrack 3 work with Virtual DJ?

The Numark Mixtrack 3 is also operating with the bundled VirtualDJ Limited Edition. Without any of the above Licenses, the controller will operate for 10 minutes each time you restart VirtualDJ.

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