How do I open an unRAR file on a Mac?

How do I open an unRAR file on a Mac?

It’s a free download.

  1. Download The Unarchiver in the App Store.
  2. Make sure RAR files are selected.
  3. Choose Extraction options in The Unarchiver.
  4. Open the RAR file with The Unarchiver.
  5. Select your folder location or create a new one, and click Extract.
  6. Your files will be decompressed from RAR and appear in your folder.

How do I open a RAR file on Mac with Big Sur?

How to open RAR files on Mac?

  1. Download the unarchiver and install it on your Mac. You can download free Mac version of Cisdem Unarchive for Mac below, then install it on your Mac(OS X 10.10 Yosemite Included).
  2. Open RAR files and preview before decompressing.
  3. Unarchive RAR files entirely or partially on Mac.

Can Apple open RAR files?

The Unarchiver is a small and easy to use program that can unarchive many different kinds of archive files. It will open common formats such as Zip, RAR (including v5), 7-zip, Tar, Gzip and Bzip2.

What is a RAR file and how do you open it?

A RAR file is a Roshal Archive Compressed file. Open one with 7-Zip, ezyZip,, or some other file extractor program. Convert to other archive formats like ZIP, 7Z, etc.

How do I open a RAR file on Mac 2021?

How to Open RAR Files on a Mac With The Unarchiver

  1. Download and install The Unarchiver on your Mac.
  2. Open The Unarchiver, and click File.
  3. Click Unarchive to…
  4. Select your RAR file.
  5. Click Unarchive.
  6. Select a location to place the extracted files, and click Extract.
  7. Your files will appear in the location you selected.

How can I open an RAR file?


  1. Right-click the rar file to be opened.
  2. Select “7-Zip > Extract files”.
  3. In the pop-up box that shows up, choose the folder where you’d like to extract the compressed files and click “OK”. If you choose “Extract Here” instead, then the files are saved in the folder where the archive is store.

How do I extract a RAR file?

How do I open a RAR file on Mac with VLC?

If you have VLC player installed on your Mac, the RAR file will be shown as if its a VLC media player compatible file. But you cannot use VLC player to open a . rar file, so don’t try that. To open a RAR file on your Macbook, you can use the Unarchiver application available for FREE for the Macbook.

How do you extract a file on a Mac?

How to unzip a file on Mac

  1. Double-click on the zipped file to unzip any zipped file on your Mac.
  2. This will prompt the Archive Utility tool to unzip the files in the same folder the zipped file is in.
  3. Click appropriate icons to access the extracted files.

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