How do I open a PNG file in Windows 8?

How do I open a PNG file in Windows 8?

Double-click a PNG image to open it in the default image viewing or editing program. Out of the box, Windows 7 and 8 use Windows Photo Viewer as the default. Even if you change the default program later, you can always open a PNG in Windows Photo Viewer by right-clicking the image and selecting Preview.

How do I open Photos on Windows 8?

From the Start screen, click the Photos tile. The tile might be live and show images on it. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen (move your cursor to see it), to scroll through what’s available. Click any single picture to view it in full-screen mode.

How do I open JPG files in Windows 8?

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to any jpeg. Right-click on the jpeg and select ‘Open with’ > Choose Default Program. Next choose your preferred program (with an .exe extension) to view/edit jpegs.

How do I change my default PNG viewer?

To do this, open the Control Panel and go to Default Programs > Set Default Programs. Find Windows Photo Viewer in the list of programs, click it and choose Set this program as default. This will set the Windows Photo Viewer as the default program for all file types it can open by default.

How do I open a PNG file on my laptop?

That means if you want to view a PNG file, you simply need to double-click it and it should open in the default viewer on your computer. You can also view a PNG file by dragging it into any web browser (or use CTRL + O to browse for the file and then open it in a browser).

Where are my photos stored on Windows 8?

Windows 8.1 saves a downloaded image file to the Downloads folder, where you can view the image thumbnail, or open this file with the Windows Photo Gallery or another app.

How do I fix Windows Photo Viewer?

Restoring Windows Photo Viewer

  1. Right-click on any image on the Windows 10 machine and select Open With > Choose another app.
  2. Select “More apps” if Windows Photo Viewer is not listed.
  3. Scroll down to see if the program is listed. If you see it there, Windows Photo Viewer is installed and ready for use.

How do I change Windows Photo Viewer?

On the General pane, click the “Change” button to the right of “Opens With” and select Windows Photo Viewer. Windows Photo Viewer will now be the default image viewer for that type of image file.

How do I install Windows Photo Viewer?

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