How do I make an appointment at the Italian consulate in Chicago?

How do I make an appointment at the Italian consulate in Chicago?

LEGAL DEPARTMENT – To request an appointment, we kindly ask that you send an email to [email protected] specifying the notary service requested. APPOINTMENTS CANNOT BE MADE BY TELEPHONE.

How many consulates are in Chicago?

In Chicago there are more than 150 Foreign Consulates and permanent representations. There are also honorary consulates with limited powers.

How do I renew my Italian passport in Chicago?

Please note that passports cannot be renewed. Even if you already hold an Italian passport, when expiring, you must follow the instructions for the issuance of a new passport. Italian citizens, in order to present the application for the issuance of passports, must schedule an appointment with the Consulate (see here).

Do I qualify for jure sanguinis?

To qualify for citizenship through ancestry, the applicant and his/her ascendants must meet the following basic criteria: A child is born to an Italian citizen parent or a parent with the right to Italian citizenship “jure sanguinis”. Henceforth this parent will be known as the Italian parent.

How do you get Italian citizenship?

There are three main routes to obtaining Italian citizenship which are:

  1. Descent – jure sanguinis (blood right) Italian citizenship is most frequently acquired through family birth right jure sanguinis (blood right) i.e. being born into a family with Italian heritage.
  2. Marriage to an Italian Citizen.
  3. Naturalisation.

What is the difference between a consulate and a consulate general?

A consulate is similar to, but not the same as a diplomatic office, but with focus on dealing with individual persons and businesses, as defined by the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. A consulate or consulate general is generally a representative of the embassy in locales outside of the capital city.

What is the difference between consular and embassy?

While Embassy is the diplomatic representation of a government in another nation, Consulate is the representation of public administration. Embassies exchange messages between its government and the host government. Consulates are only responsible for its own citizens who are traveling or living in the host nation.

How much is it to renew an Italian passport?

How much does an Italian passport cost? An Italian passport should cost $145 and this will be valid for up to five years. This fee is not included in the costs associated with Italian citizenship and all fees for an Italian passport must be covered by the person applying for the passport.

Can I renew my Italian passport online?

Electronic passports now require fingerprinting which means that the entire process cannot be completed online and you will need to visit the consulate at some point. Furthermore, passports can no longer be issued by mail and collection at the consulate is required in every instance.

How do I renew my Italian passport in the USA?

  1. Italian citizens interested in applying for a new passport or renewing an existing one may apply in person at the Passport Office or send the requested, notarized, documentation by mail.
  2. An Italian Passport is renewable only up to 10 years from the initial date of issue.

How to make an appointment at the Italian Consulate Chicago?

For an appointment at the Italian consulate in the United States, please check in first instance the consulate website In the case that you are not able to arrange an appointment through the website you can contact the consulate in Chicago by telephone (+1) 312 467 1550 / 1 / 2 or email [email protected]

Where is the Consulate General of Italy in Michigan?

The Consulate General of Italy in situated along the Magnificent Mile, on the 18th floor of 500 North Michigan av.

What services does the Chicago consulate in Chicago offer?

Usually a Chicago consulate can assist in passport and visa issues, as well as document certification and the like. In any case it is important that you contact the Chicago consulate directly to find out which consular services they offer.

Do I need a visa to visit the US Consulate Chicago?

For business or tourist visits to many foeriegn countries American citizens need a valid travel visa. In the case that a local Chicago consulate does not assist with entry and visa matters, you can contact the Embassy in Washington DC instead. Here you will find information about the foreign consulates in Chicago.

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