How do I know if my Mustang is 7UP?

How do I know if my Mustang is 7UP?

7-Up Mustang Specs All cars were painted with Ford’s distinctive Deep Emerald Green clearcoat metallic paint and featured a white leather interior and a white convertible top. The front fascia, outside mirrors, and body side moldings were painted to match the green exterior.

How many 7UP Mustangs were made?

While 5,000 of these cars were planned, only 4,103 were actually built and all examples were finished in Deep Emerald Green Clearcoat Metallic. A total of 1,360 of these Mustangs were equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission and 2,743 were automatics.

How much is a 7-Up Mustang worth?

Of the 5,000 planned, 4,103 were actually produced. 2,743 of those had an automatic, which meant 1,360 were accompanied by our friend Manuel Transmisen. That transmission means today’s Rare Ride is the rarest 7UP of all. With 106,000 miles and in spectacular condition, it’s available in Cincinnati for $12,900.

What year was the 7-Up Mustang?

Hemmings Find of the Day: 1990 Ford Mustang 7-Up.

What year was the 25th anniversary Mustang?

1989: For its 25th anniversary, all Mustangs produced between April 17, 1989 and April 17, 1990 get a special “25 years” dash emblem.

How much is a 1990 5.0 Mustang worth?

1990 Ford Mustang Value – $392-$7,198 | Edmunds.

What Fox Body Mustang is the fastest?

Don Burton made history in his Proline Racing Hemi-powered Fox Body Mustang by completing the quarter-mile in 5.88 seconds. He also hit a trap speed of 228 mph (367 kph). Not only the world’s quickest pass on 275 drag radials, but Burton’s run was also the first to cover the quarter-mile in less than six seconds.

What is a 7-Up Mustang?

Buyers had been unhappy with the low-effort Anniversary car from 1989/1990 so they took the work on the “7-Up Mustang” and instead just called it the Limited Edition. The cars were basically a 1990 Mustang LX convertible with the very desirable 7UP promo paint & interior package.

What happened to the 7-Up anniversary convertible?

The Anniversary 7-Up Convertible was a special edition car for 1990 only. The car was originally developed as a promotional “give away” for the 7-Up brand. The plan was to build 30 cars for the competition, but after only 2 had been built, the whole promotional scheme collapsed in a heap.

How many Ford Mustangs were built in 1990?

This Ford Fox-Body Mustang got away, but there are more like it here. This 1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 convertible is one of 4,103 7-Up Editions built for the US market, and now shows 77,600 miles. It was sold new in California, and the original owner brought it to Utah where it stayed for another 16 years.

What is the Ford Mustang’s 25th anniversary?

A special edition and unofficial commemoration of the Ford Mustang’s 25th Anniversary was the 7 Up Mustang. Originally produced to be given away at the 1990 NCAA finals, these special edition Mustangs were fast and stylish. The 7 Up Mustangs were unique with a Deep Emerald Green paint and white leather interior.

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