How do I know if I got into Kelley?

How do I know if I got into Kelley?

If you are unsure, there’s a way to check on your status once you are admitted to IU: Go to and on the search bar, search for “Student Center”. Log into the system with your username and password, you will see “My Academics & Grades” on the left side.

How hard is it to get into Fisher College of Business?

In the Fall of 2018, Fisher’s College of Business received 8,188 applications for admissions to join their undergraduate business program, and 3,160 were admitted. About 39% students were accepted of which about 14.7% were direct applicants.

What are the honors dorms at Ohio State?

Honors students can rank preference among Bradley Hall, Taylor Tower and Lincoln Tower. Housing these groups has the intention of creating a unique environment where students are more naturally connected to others, according to the Honors and Scholars website.

What does MBA degree stand for?

Master of Business Administration

Is Kelley MBA good?

Kelley is a good business school with strong recruiting. The knock on Kelly is size as it has about 6,000 undergraduates compared to UIUC which has 3,000 or UW Madison which has 2,600. It is a little harder to get there from UW or IU. Kelly’s IB program is very strong but very selective.

What is the acceptance rate for Kelley School of Business?


How do I get into Fisher College of Business?

Requirements for application to major

  1. Minimum Ohio State GPA of 3.10 or better.
  2. Completion of English 1110 or equivalent with a grade of C or better or Pass (PA) in Spring and/or Autumn 2020.

Which university has the best business program?

Top 10 Best Undergraduate Business Schools

Rank School Location
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA
2 University of California at Berkeley Berkeley, CA
3 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
4 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MO

Is it hard to get into IU Kelley?

Based on my findings, standard admission into Kelley is extremely hard and can feel almost impossible for some people who are aiming for it, MOST DO NOT GET ADMITTED DUE TO THE ADMISSION PROCESS AND CLASSES BEING SO DIFFICULT.

What is Kelley Business rank?

Indiana University (Kelley) is ranked No. 23 (tie) in Best Business Schools and No. 10 (tie) in Part-time MBA.

Is IU Kelley prestigious?

IU itself is actually a world-renown University and attracts A TON of foreign wealth, particularly Chinese billionaires that send their kids to Kelley or to IU’s other top-ranked programs. IU Kelley is a top-ranked B-school and has a ton going on, especially in tech and analytics.

What is Kelley MBA known for?

The Kelley School MBA Program is known for its highly collaborative culture that emphasizes team leadership. With relatively small class sizes and nearly 100% of students and faculty residing in Bloomington, the Kelley MBA Program allows for ultimate accessibility both in and out of the classroom.

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