How do I install a distribution point in SCCM 2012?

How do I install a distribution point in SCCM 2012?

SCCM Install New Distribution Point Role | ConfigMgr

  1. Distribution Point Prerequisites.
  2. Add New Distribution Point | ConfigMgr.
  3. Select Site System Role.
  4. IIS, Branch Cache, LEDBAT settings.
  5. Client Communication Settings.
  6. Drive Letter Settings.
  7. Other Configurations – PXE, Multicast.

How do you troubleshoot a distribution point in SCCM 2012?

First, review DistMgr. log on the site (primary/secondary) where the DP resides.

  1. Look for ~Processing package entries in the log and identify the package processing thread for the package ID in question.
  2. Review the filtered log and check if a DP thread was created for the DP in question.

What is Smsdpprov MOF?

mofcomp.exe smsdpprov.mof Note – MOF is a file extension for a Windows Management Object file format.

How do you create a distribution point?

In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Administration workspace, and select the Distribution Point Groups node. In the ribbon, select Create Group. In the Create New Distribution Point Group window, enter the Name, and optionally a Description for the group.

How do I install a SCCM distribution point?

Install SCCM Distribution Point Role | Add ConfigMgr DP

  1. Launch the SCCM console.
  2. Click Administration > Site Configuration. Right click Servers and Site System Roles.
  3. Select Create Site System Server.
  4. The Creation Site System Server Wizard opens and should help you to install distribution point role.

How do I reinstall a distribution point?

If you want to reistall the DP role just select the server in Servers and site system roles got to site system roles and right click on distribution point role and remove role. Check the distmgr. log to see if the role is being remove once complete just reinstall the DP role again.

Who owns the distribution point?

J. Ranson Roussel –
J. Ranson Roussel – President/CEO – The Distribution Point, LLC | LinkedIn.

How distribution point works in SCCM?

A SCCM distribution point (DP) is a Configuration Manager server role where packages are stored for later distribution. updates, applications, software updates, and operating system deployment (OSD). When you distribute the content to a distribution point, clients connect to DPs for installation source files.

What is error 0x800706BA?

Note Error code 0x800706BA indicates that the remote procedure call (RPC) server is unavailable.

What is distribution point group in SCCM?

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Distribution Points (DPs) are servers that hold the Content (files) that are used for all kinds of installations (Packages, Applications, Driver Packages, etc.).

What is distribution point SCCM 2012?

How do I add a distribution point in SCCM 2016?

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