How do I identify a GM camshaft?

How do I identify a GM camshaft?

Locate the ID number on the camshaft. It is typically located in the center of the cam between the lobes. The ID number will consist of either eight or nine digits; the last four numbers identify the cam and its specific application. Match the number to a Chevrolet camshaft part number listing.

What is a 30/30 Duntov cam?

The 30-30 cam is a solid lifter performance camshaft, but is an entirely different camshaft altogether from the “097” Duntov cam. The Duntov cam was one of the first high-lift cams designed for the small-block Chevy engine. As performance needs grew, so did overlap and lobe lift.

What is the lift on a stock 5.3 cam?

GM LM7 Engine Specs

LM7 Camshaft Specs
Duration @ .050 in. (int./exh.) 191°/190° 191°/190°
Valve Lift (int./exh.) 0.457 in./0.466 in. 0.457 in./0.466 in.
Lobe Separation Angle 115.5° 114°
Cam Gear Attachment 3-Bolt 3-Bolt

What are the specs on a Duntov cam?

Camshaft spec are:Valve Lift (INT/EXH): . 484/. 484, ADV Duration (INT/EXH): 294/294, Duration @ . 050″ (INT/EXH): 254/254, Centerline (degrees): 114 Power Range (RPM): 2800-6800, Valve Lash 030/030.

How do I know what kind of cam My car has?

The camshaft has an ID number. In most cases, it is located between the lobes in the center of the cam. It will consist of either eight or nine digits; the last four numbers will identify the cam and its application specifically. You can match the number to the Chevrolet camshaft part number.

How do I know what kind of cam I have?

How to Identify a Camshaft by Number

  1. Find the model prefix. The model prefix is the first part of the camshaft number, and it describes the vehicle that the camshaft is meant for.
  2. Find the profile or grind number.
  3. Find the exhaust number and add it to the end of the list of numbers.

Who is the founder of Corvette?

The National Corvette Museum promotes, “Harley Earl is the father of the Corvette. The Corvette was his idea pure and simple.” With over 60-plus years in the making, the Corvette has grown into a phenomenal brand and has a unique and amazing history all its own.

How much HP can a 5.3 make?

See all 3 photos With just a mild cam and valvespring swap, a diminutive Gen III 5.3L LS can make north of 400 hp….ANSWER.

Gen III 5.3L “Vortec” Stock Rated-Output (SAE J1349)
Model Year Power (HP) Torque (LB-FT)
20042007 295 hp 335 lb-ft

How much HP does a stock 5.3 LS have?

around 320 hp
The stock 5.3L is factory rated around 320 hp with 340 lb-ft of torque.

Can I run a cam without a tune?

It depends on the specs of the new cam. For example, a HOTCAM will run okay with a stock tune, but better afterwards. However, once you cross over the 224 @ . 050 range in cam duration, you’ll probably have idle problems primarily due to the stock idle speed being so low.

What is a mild camshaft?

An RV or towing camshaft, which is considered a mild performance or an economy cam, will often have a narrower LSA, between 112 and 114 degrees. Hot street camshafts usually have 110- to 112-degree LSA, while high performance and racing camshafts will often run between 105 and 108 degrees.

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