How do I fuel my ship in Starbound 2021?

How do I fuel my ship in Starbound 2021?

To use your fuel, interact with the fuel tank in front of your ship. There will be six available slots for you to place fuel, with a meter going up to 1,000. This is the maximum amount of fuel you can have. With no mechanics in your crew, this will be enough for ten FTL jumps.

What can you use to fuel your ship Starbound?

Erchius crystal ore and liquid erchius.

Where can I buy crystal Erchius fuel?

Crystal Erchius Fuel is a ship fuel source found as a minable ore in abundance on moons, and is the solid version of Liquid Erchius Fuel. It can be mined like any other ore, and will fuel ships for twice the inputted material. Mining it will cause the Erchius Ghost to pursue the player relentlessly.

How do I get Erchius fuel?

It is found in underground caverns on moons. Players must unlock the liquid collection upgrade for their Matter Manipulator before they can gather liquid fuel. Alternatively, it can be purchased from Infinity Express at the Outpost, or looted from industrial canisters found in certain NPC ships and space encounters.

Where can I find Erchius crystals?

Beyond the exit door, the player can find a mining chest containing some loot and an Erchius Horror Codex. There is a mining machine at the far end of the room which, upon the player’s initial completion of the quest, will give the player 20 Erchius Crystals when activated.

How do I get the Erchius mining facility mission?

Before you head into the Erchius Mining Facility, you will need to accept the mission. This is required to fix your ship, allowing space travel. To accept the quest, head to Penguin Pete at the Outpost. You will find him on the right side of the main building, near the shipyard.

How do you get the FTL drive in Starbound?

The Small FTL Drive is required to complete the Build Your Own Ship quest. It can be made with a machining table using 10 tungsten bars and a warp manifold.

What is the fuel used in ships?

Maritime vessels use bunker fuel to power their motors, but depending on your vessel, it might not be regular white diesel. Some watercraft indeed use diesel and other, larger vessels marine gas oil (which is considered a low sulfur fuel oil or LSFO) as their source of bunker fuel.

How do I get 20 Erchius crystals?

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