How do I fix scrolling on my Mac?

How do I fix scrolling on my Mac?

Go to Mouse & Trackpad settings (Click on Apple logo on the menu bar > System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad). Make sure the Scrolling box is checked. Now, choose “with inertia” in the drop-down next to it. Click OK.

Why is scrolling on Mac not smooth?

Go to System Preferences/Accessibility/Pointer Control. Then click Mouse Options and choose the scrolling speed you prefer.

Why is spotlight not working on my Mac?

Restart your Mac Sometimes, restarting your Mac will fix the system or Spotlight errors that lead to your Spotlight not working. You can open the Apple menu and select Restart to reboot your Mac computer. Then, try to use Spotlight Search again to check if it is active again.

How do you stop the globe from spinning on a Mac?

If you see a spinning globe instead of an Apple logo, it means your Mac is starting from a network-based startup disk like Netboot or Internet Recovery instead of a connected or built-in startup disk. If you didn’t mean for your Mac to start this way, press and hold the power key to turn off your Mac.

How do I change the scroll settings on my Mac?

On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Mouse . Move the sliders to change any of the following: Tip: As you adjust the sliders, try moving and clicking your mouse to see the effect of your changes. Tracking: Adjusts how fast the pointer moves when you drag the mouse.

How do I change the scroll sensitivity on my Mac?

Click on Accessibility in the System Preferences window. Scroll down and select Mouse & Trackpad from the menu on the left side of the Accessibility window. Drag the Scrolling speed slider to the right or left to speed up or slow down how fast you can scroll down on a page.

What is inertia scrolling?

Kinetic scrolling (inertial scrolling) is when the display continues to move up or down even after the user has stopped scrolling or swiping. Instead of stopping right away, the scrolling slows down into a stop. It has “inertia”. Just in real life when you move objects.

How do you restart Spotlight on Mac?

Restart All Spotlight Processes

  1. Go to Activity Monitor: Open Finder and select Go from the top menu bar. Select Utilities from the dropdown. Double-click on Activity Monitor in the Finder window.
  2. Type Spotlight in the search field.
  3. Select all spotlight related processes and click Stop (Stop sign with an X in it).

How do I turn on Spotlight on my Mac?

Click on the Spotlight button in the menu bar; it looks like a magnifying glass. Or, use the Command + Space keyboard shortcut. The Spotlight search field will appear in the middle of your screen.

Why do I keep getting the spinning beach ball on my Mac?

The Mac uses free hard drive space to store information as it processes tasks. If the free space on your computer falls below roughly 15- 25 GB, you’ll encounter the spinning beach ball.

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