How do I find the enum name?

How do I find the enum name?

Get enum name from a value in C#

  1. Using Enum.GetName() method. The standard method to retrieve the name of the constant having the specified value is to use the Enum.GetName() method. This is demonstrated below:
  2. Using Casting. To get the corresponding constant value from an enumeration member, use casting.

How can enum get string name?

SOLUTION: int enumValue = 2; // The value for which you want to get string string enumName = Enum. GetName(typeof(EnumDisplayStatus), enumValue);

How do I display the value of an enum?

An enumeration is a great way to define a set of constant values in a single data type. If you want to display an enum’s element name on your UI directly by calling its ToString() method, it will be displayed as it has been defined.

What is the correct syntax of enum?

Explanation: The correct syntax of enum is enum flag{constant1, constant2, constant3….. };

What is enum name?

The name() method of Enum class returns the name of this enum constant same as declared in its enum declaration. The toString() method is mostly used by programmers as it might return a more easy to use name as compared to the name() method.

What is enum variable?

An enum type is a special data type that enables for a variable to be a set of predefined constants. The variable must be equal to one of the values that have been predefined for it. Common examples include compass directions (values of NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, and WEST) and the days of the week.

Can an enum be a string?

In a string enum, each member has to be constant-initialized with a string literal, or with another string enum member. While string enums don’t have auto-incrementing behavior, string enums have the benefit that they “serialize” well.

Can enum names have spaces?

Answers. No that’s not possible, but you can attach attributes to enum members and have friendly names.

What is enum datatype syntax Mcq?

Explanation: Enumeration (enum) is a user defined data type in C. It is used to assign names to integral constants. The names make a program easy to read and maintain.

What is an enum C++?

In C++ programming, enum or enumeration is a data type consisting of named values like elements, members, etc., that represent integral constants. It provides a way to define and group integral constants.

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What is an enum in programming?

An enumeration, or Enum , is a symbolic name for a set of values. Enumerations are treated as data types, and you can use them to create sets of constants for use with variables and properties.

How to get the display name of an enum?

I have two solutions for this Question. The first solution is on getting display names from enum. public enum CourseLocationTypes { OnCampus, Online, Both } public static string DisplayName (this Enum value) { Type enumType = value.

How to declare an enum in C language?

The keyword “enum” is used to declare an enumeration. Here is the syntax of enum in C language, enum enum_name{const1, const2… }; The enum keyword is also used to define the variables of enum type. There are two ways to define the variables of enum type as follows.

How to declare an enumeration in Python?

The keyword “enum” is used to declare an enumeration. enum enum_name {const1, const2….. }; The enum keyword is also used to define the variables of enum type. There are two ways to define the variables of enum type as follows.

Should enum values be in the enum list or not?

If the enum value has a display name, it should be in the list, if it doesn’t the default name should be in the list instead. So if I have an enum like: public enum SourceFromEnum { Youtube, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, [Display (Name = “News Website”)] NewsSite, [Display (Name = “Phone or Computer”)] Device, }

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