How do I find my organization ID for Relias?

How do I find my organization ID for Relias?

If you do not know your organization’s specific URL, please contact your organization’s Relias Administrator or your supervisor. Step 2: Once you are on your organization’s Relias login page, click the “forgot your password” option. You can choose to either enter your username or your last name and email.

Can you do Relias training at home?

Mobile learning for a mobile life: take Relias training with you wherever you go! Get access to the Relias Platform, and view and complete your assigned training using your mobile device, iPad, or tablet! Need to complete a course? Launch and complete your assignments right from the app—no need for external logins.

How do I contact Relias Learning?

(877) 200-0020Relias / Customer service

What kind of company is Relias?

healthcare organizations
We help healthcare organizations, their staff and those under their care, get better: get better at identifying issues, get better at addressing them, get better outcomes for all. Let us help you get better.

Are Relias trainings free?

Relias Offers Free Training and Resources to Help Combat COVID-19.

How do I create a Relias learning account?

  1. First Name. Enter First Name.
  2. Last Name. Enter Last Name.
  3. Email Address. Email is required *Please use a valid email address.
  4. Password. Password is required. Password must be at least 8 alphanumeric characters and contain at least one number.
  5. Confirm Password. Confirm Password is required.

What is Relias online training?

Relias is the leading provider of online continuing education for healthcare, senior care, and disabilities professionals. It’s CE library is accredited by dozens of national and state licensing boards and covers an extensive array of topics across a broad spectrum of industries.

Is Relias free?

MORRISVILLE, NC, March 11, 2020 — Relias, a trusted partner to more than 10,000 healthcare organizations around the world, is offering free, unlimited access to training courses and “how to” materials to assist organizations and individuals in their preparation for and prevention of the spread of infection, including …

What is Relias training for?

Relias identifies opportunities for improvement and equips your organization with real solutions, whether it’s hiring and retaining your nurses, reducing variation in care, or improving patient experience and physician engagement at every level.

Is Relias media legit?

TRUSTED PROVIDER OF MEDICAL INFORMATION For over four decades, Relias Media has offered award-winning healthcare and clinically related content in emergency medicine, trauma, clinical medicine and hospital management.

Is Relias Academy legit?

National Accreditations Relias, LLC is accredited as an approved provider of continuing education credit for many national accrediting organizations. However, not all states accept the national accreditation and have their own unique rules governing continuing education.

What does Relias learning do?

Solutions for Healthcare Continuing Education With Relias Learning, you can invest in your team’s education by accessing an expansive library of digital content. The Relias Platform uses adult learning principles and a variety of tools to help staff build knowledge and retain skills.

What is the Relias performance management platform?

Relias’ performance management platform has played a crucial role in our progress and pursuit of better health, better care, and lower cost. Our success is almost single-handedly the result of our wide-scale focus on the elimination of irrational variation, and the Relias technology is our empirical platform and partner in that pursuit.

How do I login to Relias connect?

Your user profile must be authenticated to access Relias Connect. Please log into your Relias platform training site, and click Connect from the left-hand navigation.

How can Relias help you?

Count on Relias to support your journey toward better care and financial outcomes with reliable thought leadership and expert advice. Whether you’re identifying strengths and weaknesses, enhancing your team’s proficiencies, or improving client care, Relias’s tools generate real results.

What makes Relias different?

Relias is comprehensive in that we have staff that are paraprofessionals… psychologists, doctors, licensed social workers…it offers trainings throughout whatever role or educational level our staff come from. Everything is automated – everything from live events to skills checklists to requirements trackers.

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