How do I find my Ford spring code?

How do I find my Ford spring code?

End of dialog window. The spring codes are in the bottom right corner of door sticker under SPR. There is a two-character spring code on the vehicle certification sticker on the lower doorpost behind the driver’s door. The first character is the front spring code, and the second character is the rear spring code.

How to identify Ford leaf springs?

The Ford stamping number is always on one end of the last leaf. The stamping is always visible with the spring installed and easily can be read no matter how old the spring is. Close up of the Ford Stamping Number 9C34CA.

How do you test leaf springs?

Grab the leaf spring at both ends and try to move it from side to side. If the spring is secure it will not move when you do this. Before you finish, it might be worth checking the nuts and shackle bolts again to check that they haven’t loosened during the slack test.

Does add a leaf stiffen ride?

I put the short add-a-leaf from Pro Comp on the back ,and yes it does arch your existing springs a little. I got 2″ of lift from mine. It does have a stiffer ride. Pretty stiff.

Can you lift a truck with leaf springs?

Leaf springs: Leaf springs can be entirely replaced to lift the vehicle or a single leaf can be added. Like coil springs, leaf springs can be made for a smoother ride, more articulation or less sag when carrying heavy loads.

How can I tell if my leaf springs are bad?

Common Signs Your Leaf Springs Need to Be Replaced

  1. Difficulty steering or vehicle pulling to one side as you drive.
  2. Feeling even small bumps as you drive down the road.
  3. Your truck nose dives, leans back or rolls with momentum.

What does an add-a-leaf kit do?

WHAT is an Add-A-Leaf? An Add-A-Leaf is an extra leaf added to a leaf spring pack. Added leaves are installed to increase vehicle carrying capacity or to reduce sway by creating a firmer ride. They can also be used to increase the ride height of your vehicle.

Does adding leaf spring increase height?

By adding an additional long, full-size leaf to the existing leaf stack or by adding an extra leaf to each rear leaf spring, you can increase the load capacity and raise the height of the vehicle up to a few inches.

Are spring spacers legal?

Are spring spacers legal in Australia? Yes, spring spacers are legal in Australia, insofar as there is nothing within VSB14 stating that they’re illegal. If you want to know more about vehicle modifications, then VSB14 is the document for you, and you can check it out HERE.

What is better coil springs or leaf springs?

Leaf springs are much sturdier in comparison to coil springs. They’re capable of handling much highest loads with less deflection than coils, trucks with leaf springs are also easier to raise or lower.

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