How do I delete control groups in Starcraft 2?

How do I delete control groups in Starcraft 2?

Control Groups Add/Remove to Control Group (Shift + <#>) – Add units to or remove units from group.

How do I remove a unit from a control group?

To remove units from a control group, deselect the units you want to remove (only selecting the units you want to keep in the group), and hold CTRL and press the corresponding number. This will remove the group number from the deselected units.

How do you deselect in Starcraft?

If you accidentally add a unit to your current selection , you can shift+click said unit and it will be de-selected from your current selection. You can also shift+ctrl+click a unit to de-select all of this unit type from your current selection.

How do you make a control group in Starcraft 2?

To assign units or buildings to a hotkey (sometimes called a control group), select the units you wish to assign and then press Ctrl+# where # is the key you want to assign them to. If you wish to add units to a control group without overwriting the units already in the group you may also press Shift+#.

How do I remove a unit from a control group in Dota 2?

  1. Press 1.
  2. Right click mini-map on the scout location to move out.
  3. Shift-Click the wireframe portrait of the zergling(s) you want to send, removing them from the selection.
  4. Quickly press stop/halt, which will freeze your remaining army.

How do you delete a control group in Age of Empires 4?

Reset the group: Make sure you have no units or buildings selected and simply hold Ctrl and press the number you’d like to clear (e.g., Ctrl + 1 with no units or buildings selected). That entire group will be deleted, and it will not select any units when you press that number.

How do you delete a unit in Starcraft 2?

To destroy buildings/units yourself you have to select structures or units that are able to attack then press the “A” key to issue a force attack order. If you hold down shift you only have to press the “A” key once and you can select all the structures/units you want to destroy.

How do you deselect units?

Hold the Ctrl butten then click the selected unit. Or you can just press Enter to deselect all units. Ctrl+click is useful when you’ve accidentally selected the wrong unit as part of a group.

How do you set up a control group?

Control Groups To bind units to a group, select the units and then press Ctrl + Group Hotkey . To add a unit to an already existing group, select the unit and press ⇧ Shift + Group Hotkey .

What is the easiest way to control units in Dota 2?

DOTA 2: how to effectively control units?

  1. Assign a hotkey to select all other units.
  2. Assign a hotkey to select all units.
  3. In Options -> Game enable Unified unit orders. From now on you’ll be able to control all units with the help of CTRL.

How do you select control units in Dota 2?

Go to Settings > Hotkeys. 2. First, choose the most convenient button for “Select All Other Units”. This key will select all units under your control except the main hero.

How do I remove a control group?

There’s no way to remove a control group, if you really want to remove it then overwrite a control group with a not fully constructed building (using Ctrl+#, shift will ADD while ctrl will OVERWRITE) then you can cancel it. This is obviously not recommended as it is a waste of resources.

What are the hotkeys for control groups and subgroups?

Add/Remove to Control Group (Shift + <#>) – Add units to or remove units from group. Select Control Group (<#>) – Select assigned group. Two rapid presses center view on assigned group. Cycle Subgroups (Tab) – Switch between subgroups. “Shift + Tab” cycles in the opposite direction. Use these hotkeys to quickly control your camera.

How do I create multiple control groups in StarCraft II?

In StarCraft II the number keys at the top of your keyboard can be used to create up to 10 groups of units and/or buildings in order to quickly select multiple items. To create a control group and assign a hotkey to select it:

How to take away units from a control group?

If you have any other control group (eg. control group with all Nexuses) you could use it with Create Control Group # and Take Away Units action (which is by default done with alt + #) to achieve this. So for example, lets say you have all Nexuses on the 5th control group and some Stalkers on the 1st.

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