How do I contact Mississippi Medicaid?

How do I contact Mississippi Medicaid?

Call 1-800-421-2408 (Deaf and Hard of Hearing VP: 1-228-206-6062).

What are the different types of Medicaid in Mississippi?


  • Mississippi Health Benefits for Children.
  • Perinatal High Risk Management/Infant Services System (PHRM/ISS)
  • Mental Health Programs.
  • Special Mental Health Initiatives.
  • Perinatal High Risk Management/Infant Services System (PHRM/ISS)
  • Family Planning Waiver.
  • Healthier Mississippi Waiver.

What is the difference between MississippiCAN and Medicaid?

MississippiCAN Health Plans must cover all medications covered by regular (fee for service) Medicaid, but may cover additional medications if they choose to do so. MississippiCAN Health Plans must use the Universal Preferred Drug List (PDL) and the same prior authorization criteria as regular Medicaid.

How do I recertify for Medicaid in Mississippi?

Beneficiaries can go through the renewal process by phone, fax, email or in person if they wish. Beneficiaries are welcome to call toll-free 1-800-421-2408, or visit the Division of Medicaid (DOM) website at to find the number for the regional office nearest to them.

Is my Mississippi Medicaid active?

Call 1-866-912- 6285 from any touch-tone phone and follow the prompts to select the appropriate menu options to reach our automated member eligibility verification system, twenty-four (24) hours a day. The automated system will prompt you to enter the member ID number and the month of service, to check eligibility.

Which is best Medicaid?

Main Findings

Overall Rank State Total Score
1 Massachusetts 76.44
2 Rhode Island 69.32
3 Vermont 68.99
4 Pennsylvania 68.24

What’s the best Medicaid to have?

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc. attained the highest overall rating among Medicaid plans for HPR 2021. The plan demonstrated high-quality preventive care, with five stars for nearly every prevention measure for which it provided data.

What is MississippiCAN Medicaid?

The Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) has implemented a managed care program called Mississippi Coordinated Access Network (MississippiCAN). MississippiCAN is designed to get a better return on Mississippi’s health care investment by improving the health and well-being of Medicaid beneficiaries.

How can I check my medicaid status online?

Even if you applied for Medicaid in person or over the phone, you can still use your state’s website to manage your account or check your status. Go to your state’s Medicaid website and look for a button to register or sign up for an account.

How do I get a new Medicaid card in Mississippi?

If you have questions regarding ID cards or if you need a replacement ID card, contact Conduent toll-free at: (800) 884-3222.

How do I check the status of my Medicaid application in Mississippi?

Eligibility is determined by the Mississippi Medicaid Regional Office that serves your area. To locate your Mississippi Medicaid Regional Office, please visit You may also call Medicaid’s toll-free telephone number at 1-800-421-2408.

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