How do I become a truck driver in Winnipeg?

How do I become a truck driver in Winnipeg?

The existing 244-hour Professional Truck Driver Training course offered by private vocational institutes in Manitoba fulfils the MELT requirement. Drivers who can show they have successfully completed the 244-hour course can book a road test after September 1, 2019, and attempt a Class 1 licence.

How much does it cost to get a truck driving license in Canada?

Truck driver training costs a minimum of $5000 these days. The training school will teach you in class and hands-on driving training. Nowadays truck driver training schools finance you. You don’t have to quit your job to get training, because morning or evening classes are available in almost every school.

How much does a Class 3 cost in Manitoba?

This course is conducted one-on-one so there are no specific start dates. Generally we are able to start students between 1-4 weeks from registration. To register a student must meet all entrance requirements, pay a $400.00 non-refundable fee and have a road test booked with MPI.

How long does it take to learn to drive a truck?

Yet, there are no national standards for training new semi-truck drivers before they hit the road. In March 2016, FMCSA proposed a national standard for trucker training, a rule that would require 30 hours of training for a Class A commercial license.

How much does it cost to get your Class 1 license in Canada?

According to the province, the average cost of Class 1 MELT training is $8,900, with the province capping that at $10,000. “We have a program to help subsidize that training, that will pay up to 90 per cent of it,” Transportation Minister Ric McIver said on Friday.

What is the melt program?

Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) was implemented on March 1, 2019 by the Government of Alberta to improve safety for everyone on the road by ensuring Class 1 (tractor-trailer) and Class 2 (bus) drivers receive adequate training before they are tested for a Class 1 or Class 2 driver’s licence.

How long does it take to become a truck driver in Canada?

Employment requirements Completion of an accredited driver training course of up to three months duration, through a vocational school or community college, may be required. A Class 3 or D licence is required to drive straight-body trucks. A Class 1 or A licence is required to drive long combination vehicles.

How long is truck driving school in Canada?

Over 12 weeks, you will complete a minimum of 100 hours of interactive in-class safety training coupled with a minimum of 80 hours of practical truck time.

What are the different truck classes?

Table of US GVWR classifications

US truck class Duty classification Weight limit
Class 2b Light duty 8,501–10,000 pounds (3,856–4,536 kg)
Class 3 Medium duty 10,001–14,000 pounds (4,536–6,350 kg)
Class 4 Medium duty 14,001–16,000 pounds (6,351–7,257 kg)
Class 5 Medium duty 16,001–19,500 pounds (7,258–8,845 kg)

What is a Class 4 license Manitoba?

Class 4 license in Winnipeg is dedicated to a taxi, ambulance, and emergency vehicles. It is also for buses with a total of 24 passengers and school buses with a total of 36 passengers. For first time applicants, there are some requirements you need to pass aside from the driving lessons and examinations.

How do I train to be a truck driver?

Steps to Becoming a Truck Driver

  1. Pass Your State’s Regular Driver’s License Exam.
  2. Complete High School or the GED.
  3. Start Professional Training.
  4. Earn Your CDL and Other Relevant Endorsements.
  5. Find Job Placement Assistance.
  6. Complete Your Employer’s Finishing Program.
  7. Latest Posts.

How do I become a truck driver in Canada?


  1. be at least 18 years old.
  2. hold a valid Ontario licence other than G1, G2, M, M1 or M2.
  3. pass a vision test.
  4. submit a valid medical report.
  5. pass a knowledge test about operating large trucks and tractor-trailers.
  6. complete a mandatory entry level training course.

What truck driver training do you need to take in Winnipeg?

You need to take professional truck driver training in Winnipeg to prepare for your driver’s test. The Class 1 full time driver training course is designed for those who are new to truck driving and who wish to prepare for their license. The curriculum includes more than 30 critical areas that are of great importance to the trucking industry.

Which is the Best Driving School in Winnipeg for beginners?

The Best Driving Schools in Winnipeg 1 Amar Driving School. Amar Driving school offers Class 5 Driving Lessons using the defensive driving technique. 2 Rapid Driving School. Rapid Driving School was opened in 2014 by Rav Phangureh. 3 Akash Driving School. 4 Bikram’s Winnipeg Driving School. 5 Jimmy’s Driving School.

How do I get a Class 1 license in Winnipeg?

You can get the skills you need by taking truck driver training in Winnipeg. You will need to work towards obtaining a Class 1 license. The Class 1 license allows you to drive commercial trucks. In order to get a Class 1 license you must first have a valid Class 5 license in place.

Why choose commercial truck training centre?

All of our instructors are certified by the Government of Manitoba. Commercial Truck Training Centre started it’s operation in 2011 with the goal to provide professional driving experience to students and prepare them with the skills necessary for professional driver jobs.

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