How do I become a CNA in Portland Oregon?

How do I become a CNA in Portland Oregon?

Oregon State Requirements for CNAs Candidates must complete a state-approved training program of at least 75 hours and pass the CNA 1 Examination. CNA 2 candidates must already possess a CNA 1 certification, complete a CNA 2 training program and pass a competency exam.

How much do CNA classes cost in Oregon?

Certification costs typically average around $1000 however certain employers, especially nursing homes (which constitute the remainder ¼ of approved programs), may offer CNA classes in exchange for agreeing to work at their facility upon completing your certification.

How long does it take to become a CNA in Oregon?

between 6 and 12 weeks
Program Length: CNA training programs in Oregon must consist of at least 80 hours of classroom instruction and 75 hours of clinical practice. The time it takes to complete a training program can vary from school to school but generally, CNA training programs last between 6 and 12 weeks for CNA I certification.

How long is a CNA 2 course Oregon?

88 hours
The Holgate Community Nursing Assistant CNA 2 Training Program curriculum is approved by the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN). This program provides 61 hours, or 9 days, of lecture and skills lab instruction and 28 hours, or 3.5 days, of clinical practicum (88 hours total).

How much does a CNA 1 make in Oregon?

Salaries by years of experience in Oregon

Years of experience Per hour
Less than 1 year $19.45
1 to 2 years $19.65
3 to 5 years $20.69
6 to 9 years $21.21

What can a CNA do in Oregon?

​A: The CNA (at level 1 and 2) may only administer over-the-counter (OTC) suppositories, topical barrier skin creams/ointments, and OTC pediculicides (treatment for lice). The CNA needs to receive direction from the nurse to administer/apply these items.

How much do CNA 2 make in Oregon?

$30,823 an year
How much does a CNA II make in Oregon? As of Apr 28, 2022, the average annual pay for the CNA II jobs category in Oregon is $30,823 an year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $14.82 an hour. This is the equivalent of $593/week or $2,569/month.

How do I get my CNA 2 license in Oregon?

You are eligible to apply for CNA 2 registration using the form below if:

  1. You hold current CNA 1 certification in good standing.
  2. You are a current student in a RN or PN program.
  3. You have completed equivalent CNA 2 coursework.

Can a CNA draw blood in Oregon?

Can Certified Nurse Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs draw blood? Drawing blood is not one of the core functions of a CNA. Therefore, a CNA will not get trained to draw blood as part of a Certified Nurse Aide course. They also cannot begin to draw blood upon starting their career as a CNA either.

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