How do I add a timer to Nightbot?

How do I add a timer to Nightbot?

Creating a Timer for your chat couldn’t be any easier. First head over to the Timers page. In the top right corner of the panel, click the blue Add button which will open up a popup allowing you to create a timer.

How do you put a timer on Twitch chat?

Setting up auto posting chat messages​

  1. Open up the Commands menu from the main menu, then open the Timers menu from there.
  2. Type the description of your timer in the Timer description input at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Click the Create button once you’ve chosen and typed in a description for your timer.

How do you get Nightbot on Watchtime?

To enable the watch time command go to the left hand menu in Stream Elements and navigate to Chat Bot –> Chat Commands –> Scroll Down to ! Watchtime.

How do I stop Nightbot from timing out?

Go to and make sure the Emotes and Caps filters are disabled.

Can mods add timers to Nightbot?

It isn’t possible to setup a timer as only a moderator of a channel. The channel owner can add you as a sub-user to their control panel, however, at when signed in.

How do you create a Subathon?

How to Set Up a Subathon on Twitch

  1. Plan the Stream Events in Advance.
  2. Announce the Subathon.
  3. Install a Subathon Timer.
  4. Create Panels and Commands.
  5. Go Live and Follow Through With Your Incentives.

Does NightBot have a Watchtime command?

To get the watch time from NightBot, I used the command $(urlfetch https://path/to/watchtime.php?action=get&channel=$(channel)&user=$(user)&time=$(time)) , where $(urlfetch url) returns the output of an url, $(channel) is the channel name, $(user) is the user name, and $(time) is the current time (it’s useless for the …

Can you have NightBot and StreamElements?

Import NightBot When authorize application pop up appears, approve StreamElements to gain Access to your account. Make sure both Commands and timers are checked and click “import”. Import is complete, you can find your commands under “chat commands”, in the “Custom Commands” widget, and your timers under “Timers”.

Can Nightbot be banned?

Nightbot cannot ban users. This is by intention. You best bet would be to add it under the spam blacklist under It would give users a swift timeout if they said anything in the blacklist.

How do you make a hug command on twitch?

All you have to do to trigger the command is type; ! hug + Username of the person you want to hug in chat. As you can see below nightbot returns the message that you have hugged the user you specified.

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