How do I add a decision box in blueworks?

How do I add a decision box in blueworks?

To create a decision from within a space, click Create New > Decision. To create a decision from the Library page, click Compose a Decision.

How do I add a gateway to blueworks?

To add a gateway to your diagram, hover over a flow line and click the add button . Select Insert an Exclusive Gateway. Exclusive gateways are the default type of gateway, but you can use different types of gateways depending on how the outgoing paths from the gateway are determined.

What is IBM blueworks used for?

IBM Blueworks Live is a cloud-based business process modeling tool that allows you to discover and model business processes and decisions for your organization. Using a Web browser, you can collaborate with local teams and distributed and access the tool from anywhere.

How do you move Swimlanes in blueworks?

To move an element between swimlanes or milestones, drag and drop the element to its new location. The connection lines are automatically redrawn to respond to the new placement of elements. and draw a rectangle around the elements you want.

What is Baw in IBM?

IBM® Business Automation Workflow is a platform to create workflow applications to improve productivity. Workflow applications coordinate work between tasks performed by humans and automated tasks to improve daily business operations.

How do I add an activity in blueworks?

To add an activity, click Add Activity. This creates a new activity under the currently selected milestone. The user clicks Add Activity and a new activity appears under the selected milestone. The user names the new activity Log In .

Is IBM BPM low code?

IBM BPM satisfies the Low-Code and High-Code spectrum of building solutions, but does not satisfy the No-Code part of the spectrum.

What is Workflow Center?

Workflow Center enables you to work directly with process apps, case solutions, and toolkits. It also has a Basic and an Advanced mode: Use Basic mode (the default mode) for creating and managing case solutions, templates, process apps, and toolkits.

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