How do I access my Nuig Library online?

How do I access my Nuig Library online?

If you are a registered student or member of staff, it is possible to access all online information resources from off-campus. Simply follow the database links from the Library Catalogue and login as directed. It is essential to login otherwise the service provider will not recognise you as being from NUI Galway.

Can anyone use Nuig Library?

Registered external members are welcome to use the Library, however, we ask that external members use the Library in the evenings or at weekends when it is not busy. You will need an up to date card to enter the Library.

How do I borrow a book from the Library Nuig?

Borrowing Books There are machines on all floors of the Library. You must always have your ID card with you to use the machines. There are easy to follow instructions on the screen, please ensure you leave the book on the machine for a few seconds while the loan is added to your account.

What is the official name of the NUI Galway Library?

James Hardiman Library
James Hardiman Library, NUI Galway.

When was the James Hardiman Library built?

The Library had its beginning at the foundation of the University in the late 1840s. James Hardiman (1782-1855), a noted historian and antiquarian, was appointed to the post of librarian by the first President of the University, Reverend Joseph W. Kirwan.

Is GMIT library open?

We’re Open!

Is Gmit open on Saturday?

April 25th – May 21st 2022 Monday – Thursday 9.00am – 10.00pm, Friday 5.00pm, Saturday 10.00am – 5.00pm.

Who was James Hardiman?

James Hardiman (1782–1855), also known as Séamus Ó hArgadáin, was a librarian at Queen’s College, Galway. Hardiman is best remembered for his History of the Town and County of Galway (1820) and Irish Minstrelsy (1831), one of the first published collections of Irish poetry and songs.

What time does Gmit open at?

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