How do I access my clickfree files?

How do I access my clickfree files?

From the Countdown screen: Connect Clickfree™ Backup to your computer. Click on “View Files” before the countdown timer reaches zero. The File Viewer Tool will appear on your screen.

How do I use Clickfree on my Mac?

Mac Support: Clickfree products are now Mac compatible. Simply plug any Mac- supported Clickfree product into a USB connection and Clickfree does the rest.

How do I open a backup file on an external hard drive?

Plug your external hard drive into your computer. Click Start, type backup, then click the Backup and Restore link that appears, then click on the Restore my files button. To restore a specific file, click on Browse for files, then search the folders to find the file. Highlight it, then click Add files.

How does click free work?

When you connect the Clickfree to a computer it detects the USB storage device and autoruns the Clickfree installer. It automatically starts a backup after 30 seconds, backing up a wide range of file types such as music, videos, photos, Office files and your email inbox.

What is clickfree on Mac?

Clickfree automatically backs up every Windows or Mac computer with no software to install or setup. Includes photo viewer, Windows 7 migration, iPod, iPad, iPhone music sharing, Facebook integration and a built-in DVD archiving tool, Clickfree is much more than just another backup hard drive.

How do I format a backup drive on a Mac?

Formatting an External Drive

  1. Connect the hard drive to your Mac.
  2. Open Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.
  3. Find your external hard drive in the list of drives.
  4. Click “Erase” from the Disk Utility options.
  5. A Format pop-up window will give you the opportunity to choose one of the following:
  6. Rename the new drive.

What is click free backup?

How do I access my backup files on my external hard drive Mac?

In the Finder, open a window from the external volume and then select Enter Time Machine from the Time Machine system menu. This should take you to a view that lets you browse the contents of that volume. Select Enter Time Machine and then use the sidebar to select a volume. Find the Backups.

How do I restore files from an external hard drive on a Mac?

Click the Restore tab at the top of the Disk Utility window. Select the external hard drive that your cloned backup is stored next to “Restore From.” Select your Mac’s hard drive next to “Restore to.” Click Restore.

What is a Clickfree automatic backup?

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