How deep is cenote Xkeken?

How deep is cenote Xkeken?

65 feet
Cenote Xkeken is a pretty small cenote, with the entire cavern only measuring only 30 x 20 meters (98 x 65 feet)in size. The water level itself is only 20 meters (65 feet) deep at its deepest point, and the walls that surround this cave are filled with some beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations.

How do I get to Cenote Dzitnup?

Getting to Cenote Dzitnup is easy. It’s only a few minutes driving outside Valladolid and easy to find. Or if you prefer, it’s also an easy bicycle ride along straight, flat roads. From the parking lot, it’s only a few dozen feet down a narrow passageway carved out of the rock into the main cavern.

What time does cenote Suytun open?

Cenote Suytun is open daily, from 9am-5pm — with the last ticket sold at 4:30pm. Head here to find out the best time to visit Cenote Suytun.

How do I get from Valladolid to Chichen Itza?

By far, the easiest way to get from Chichen Itza from Valladolid is to take the Mexican bus line ADO. The bus will take you from the main bus station in Valladolid and drop you off directly at the steps of Chichen Itza.

Where are the most beautiful cenotes?

10 Beautiful Cenotes You Have To See In Mexico

  • Cenote Dos Ojos, Tulum.
  • Cenote Zací, Valladolid.
  • Cenote Azul, Playa del Carmen.
  • Cenote Suytún, Valladolid.
  • Cenote Yokdzonot, Yucatán.
  • Cenote Ponderosa, Playa del Carmen/ Tulum.
  • Cenote Samula, Dzitnup.
  • El Zacatón, Tamaulipas.

Can you swim in cenote Suytun?

It’s a semi-open cenote with a hanging roof and easy access via a restaurant. You can swim in there and it’s quite popular. Cost of entrance is 30 MXN peso and it’s only around a 10 minute walk from the centre.

Is Suytun cenote open?

Opening hours: Cenote Suytun is open from 9 am to 5 pm with last entry around 4:30 pm.

Are cenotes deep?

How Deep Are Cenotes? One average cenotes are pretty deep – about 8-15 meters (49ft). Cenote the Pit is the deepest in Quintana Roo with its spectacular 119 m / 391 ft of depth. Cenotes dives are reserved for skilled divers only and the depth they can reach should be not more than 40 m (131 ft ).

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