How can I decorate my house with real plants?

How can I decorate my house with real plants?

10 Tips for Interior Decorating with Plants

  1. Start Simple & Learn As You Go.
  2. Purchase Your Plants From a Local Garden Center.
  3. Match Your Plants to Your Design Style for a Cohesive Look.
  4. Liven Up Your Bathroom With High-Humidity Plants.
  5. Brighten Up Dark Corners With Low-Light Plants.
  6. Create Contrast With Plants of All Sizes.

How do you decorate indoor plants in a living room?

Decorate a Corner with Plants If you do not have enough space in your living room, then worry not as you can decorate a corner with different types of indoor plants like table-top plants or hanging plants. This decoration equally enhances the beauty of your living space and offers pleasant vibes to the visitors.

How should I arrange my living room with plants?

A common rule of thumb for styling any space is to group objects in odd numbers. This creates a more casual vibe, whereas even-numbered groupings make the room feel formal. You can also apply this tactic to the plants in your living room by grouping them in clusters of three plants with varying traits.

How do you Group houseplants together?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you bring more plants home:

  1. Arrange in Odd Numbers. When you can, group plants in an odd number.
  2. Choose Different Sizes.
  3. Think About Leaf Shapes.
  4. Include Plants with Colorful Leaves.
  5. Use Plenty of Decorative Pots.
  6. Don’t Forget Houseplant Care.

Can you put plants next to a TV?

It’s unlikely that your TV will do any direct harm to a plant. You shouldn’t worry about your plant being close to a television as long as your TV isn’t getting too hot, and is still getting plenty of light. If your TV is in a dark corner or near a radiator, your plant may suffer – but otherwise, it should be fine!

How many plants should be in a living room?

Although it is difficult to say exactly how many plants are needed to purify indoor air, Wolverton recommends at least two good sized plants for every 100 square feet (approximately 9.3 square meters) of indoor space. The bigger the plant and leafier the plant, the better.

Where should plants be placed in the house?

Bright, indirect light, such as from an east-facing window, is good for many plants. If your windows face west or south, you may need to move the plants away from the window or soften the intensity with sheer drapes or a light curtain. If you’re itching to put plants in a low-light room consider plants such as: Ivy.

Do plants make a house look better?

Not only does tending to plants help us feel in control, every room looks better with a plant (read: many plants) in it. Generally speaking, interior design is not an affordable hobby. And while plants do add up quickly, they’re among the cheapest ways to make a room look chic.

Do plants like to be close together?

Generally, houseplants should not touch each other. Science has discovered they can feel touch, so if touched by another plant it can cause a genetic defense response that reduces growth. Alongside this, houseplants that touch could become more easily infested with pests.

Do plants like to be next to each other?

Plants “Listen” to the Good Vibes of Other Plants. A new study found that plants grown next to certain other plants are healthier than those grown in isolation.

Do plants like being next to each other?

How to choose the best houseplants for beginners?

Check the soil on a weekly basis. If you push your finger into the dirt and it feels dry,it’s time to water.

  • Water the soil rather than the foliage
  • Go slowly and carefully when you water and stop once drops start running out of your drainage tray
  • Over the winter months,avoid using water from the cold faucet.
  • Strike a balance.
  • How to decorate with healthy, lush houseplants?

    For that serene look. There is no dearth of ways to decorate home with plants.

  • White magic. Do your plain white walls stick out like a sore thumb?
  • Green romance.
  • Fill in the blank.
  • Lost in the woods!
  • Beauty in minimalism.
  • Simple is divine!
  • Bewitching bonsai.
  • Bring out that cozy look with plants.
  • Pep up the kitchen.
  • How to top-dress houseplants?

    Topdress a houseplant Bring the pot over an easy-to-clean surface like tiles or spread a tarp under it. Gently dig out soil out from the top with your hands. Remove dirt until the root ball is exposed (topmost roots showing). Fill in the space you made free with topdressing mix.

    What to do with unwanted houseplants?

    Sell unwanted houseplants. This is my number one recommendation by far,especially if they are tropical or exotic looking.

  • Offer them to someone as a gift. Houseplants make great gifts.
  • Donate them.
  • If possible,move some to your office.
  • Recycle your houseplants.
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