How big is a tack trunk?

How big is a tack trunk?

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Box Logo Height Size of Box (LDH)
Large Trunk 8” 38 ½” x 23¾” x 22¼”
Medium Trunk 7” 34″ x 20¾” x 19 ½”
Small Trunk 6” 32″ x 18″ x 18″
Utility Trunk Dog “Paw” Trunk 5” 24” x 14” x 16”

What is a tack trunk?

Tack Trunks are the perfect barn supply for all equestrians. Offering the most effective and stylish way to keep your tack and equipment clean and organized at the barn or at horse shows. SmartPak carries high quality deluxe wooden tack trunks, as well as popular brands like Phoenix West and Burlingham Sports.

What is a horse tack box?

Tack Trunks and Boxes Tack trunks are key to staying organized at the barn or when you’re showing your horses, helping to keep all your tack and gear safe, clean and organized.

What can I use as a tack trunk?

Bargain Shopper Tack Trunk Tips

  • Check out what you might already have. There could be an old trunk hidden in your very own attic.
  • Scope out your local thrift store or garage sales.
  • The ever popular storage container.
  • The hardware store tool box.
  • Make your own.
  • Find them on non-horse websites.

What part of the horse is the flank?

The slightly indented area behind the area of the barrel is the flank. This is the area you watch to count your horse’s respiration. If the flank appears unusually sunken this can mean your horse is dehydrated.

What should be in a tack box?

Twelve Things You Need In Your Tack Trunk

  1. Backup Tack. One of the most important things you can keep on you at all times is backup pieces of tack.
  2. A First Aid Kit.
  3. An Extra Phone Charger.
  4. Additional Grooming Supplies.
  5. Basic Tools.
  6. Your Helmet.
  7. Wraps and Boots Galore.
  8. Plenty of Hairnets.

What is a wasp waisted horse?

Horses with a shallow flank are sometimes called “wasp-waisted” or “herring-gutted.” These terms mean the horse’s flank has a narrow, tucked-in appearance similar to that of a greyhound dog.

What do you keep in a tack trunk?

Tack cleaning supplies. Boots and wraps (not shipping wraps, though, as you most likely don’t use them regularly enough to warrant them taking up precious box space) Smaller rider-related items (spurs, gloves, hairnet, sunscreen) First aid kit (human and horses)

What is pigeon toed horse?

“Pigeon toe” refers to conformation of the limbs such that when viewed from the front, the hoof from the fetlock down deviates inward. This is much more common in front limbs. Pigeon toed limbs usually grow excessive hoof on the medial (inside).

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