How big is a mini replica helmet?

How big is a mini replica helmet?

full sized helmets are, well, full sized and large. The dimensions of the typical full sized replica helmet are L – 12 1/2″, W – 9″, H – 9 1/2″. Mini helmets are 1/2 scale, so about L – 6 1/4″, W – 4 1/2″, H – 4 3/4″. Full sized helmets are also heavy and cost more to ship than mini helmets.

Are replica helmets good?

Replica helmets are easier on the bank account but authentic helmets present a higher level of detail. Both will look great in a display case and are a great value for any collector. *We should also point out that you should not ignore the warning labels on the helmets as these are NOT meant to be worn.

Does Walmart have mini helmets?

About This Collection. These mini helmets are a great gift for any football fan. Treat the sports fan in your life with a mini helmet. These mini helmets are a great way to show off your team loyalty at home or in your office.

Are signed helmets worth it?

Helmets and Jerseys are two of the most valuable items you can get signed. Balls, bats, cleats, and gloves (to name a few) tend to maintain stable values. Signed, yet unframed, photographs are usually worth much less had their framed counterparts.

What is a proline helmet?

Riddell Proline Authentic NFL Football Helmets The Riddell Proline Authentic NFL Football Helmet has been worn by players for over 25 years and is still going strong. Polycarbonate size large shell, steel-polyvinyl coated Z2B facemask, 4-pt. chinstrap and official team colors/decals.

How do you ship a mini helmet?

You can ship it in the mini helmet box. Then put it in a priority box from the post office. There are some that are 7x7x7 or 8x8x7. Fits perfectly in there.

What’s the difference between signed and autographed memorabilia?

As adjectives the difference between autograph and signature is that autograph is written in the author’s own handwriting while signature is distinctive, characteristic indicative of identity.

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