How big are Canon RAW files?

How big are Canon RAW files?

Types of RAW Images that Can Be Recorded with EOS 7D

Quality File Size (MB)
RAW (Medium RAW) 17.1
(Small RAW) 11.4
RAW+JPEG + (RAW + Large/Fine) 25.1+6.6
+ (Medium RAW + Large/Fine) 17.1+6.6

How many MB is a RAW file?

between 20 – 40 MB
The size of a RAW file depends on the size of the sensor, and whether your camera is an MFT, APS-C, full-frame or medium format camera. Most RAW files are sized between 20 – 40 MB per file.

How do I set my Canon 5D Mark II to RAW?


  1. To select a RAW setting, turn the < > dial. To select a JPEG setting, turn the < > dial.
  2. On the upper right, the “***M (megapixels) **** x ****” number indicates the recorded pixel count, and [***] is the number of possible shots (displayed up to 999).
  3. Press < > to set the selected quality.

Are Canon RAW files compressed?

Canon C-RAW uses a lossy compression algorithm. Canon has advised us that the new C-RAW format uses a lossy-compression algorithm, meaning that some of the image information is discarded to save space, while RAW file compression is not lossy (or minimally, we don’t know that it is).

How big are RAW files compared to JPEG?

Generally, a RAW file will be between two and six times larger than a JPEG file. RAW files are bigger because they contain a much greater amount of image data. A JPEG image is essentially all that data compressed down into a smaller file size that’s easier to share.

Is RAW or cRAW better?

The file size difference between RAW and CRAW files is very impressive on the R5. The smaller file size obviously has many advantages when it comes to storing files and processing them in Lightroom, etc. However, CRAW is not “lossless,” so in theory could result in poorer quality images.

How many RAW photos can 128GB hold?

RAW files on your camera are typically much larger than JPEG files. Because of this, you won’t be able to store as many pictures on a 128GB hard drive. The average uncompressed RAW file is about 30 MB, which is about the size of a high-quality JPEG. You can fit about 4,300 pictures in 128GB of storage.

How big is a camera RAW file?

Camera raw file size is typically 2–6 times larger than JPEG file size. While use of raw formats avoids the compression artifacts inherent in JPEG, fewer images can fit on a given memory card.

Can 5D Mark II shoot 60fps?

The Canon 5D Mark II doesn’t natively record 120 FPS, it’s highest frame rates are 1080P 29.97 FPS and 720P 60 FPS. If you install Magic Lantern to hack the firmware, you can increase the framerate to 35 FPS in 1080P.

How do I reduce the size of a RAW file?

Compress image

  1. Launch by clicking START.
  2. Upload images from your desktop computer.
  3. Select one or more photos that you want to compress in the gallery below.
  4. Select Save among the other toolbars on the left.
  5. Set the necessary image Quality to compress image size.
  6. Press Save and let the picture compressor work.

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