Does the Lego movie have a post credit scene?

Does the Lego movie have a post credit scene?

Short answer: No, there’s no post-credits scene after The Lego Movie 2. Long answer: You should still stick around and watch the actual credits anyway.

Will there be a third Lego movie?

‘The Lego Movie 3’ is scheduled to be released on February 9, 2024 in 2D, 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D, RealD, 3D, Dolby Cinema, and 4DX by Warner Bros. Pictures and Universal Pictures.

Is the Lego Movie 2 CGI?

That’s because the film is a hybrid. It utilizes computer-generated animation of real LEGO┬« elements, achieved in a photoreal stop-motion style. (Don’t worry, we needed to read that sentence twice, too.)

What does the ending of Lego movie 2 mean?

How does The LEGO Movie 2 end? Well, as you might expect, Emmet fights back to make sure he doesn’t become the bitter, evil Rex, using the power of friendship. Rex thus disappears from the timeline.

Does Sing 2 have a post credit scene?

Well, technically Sing 2 doesn’t have an after-credits scene but it does have an animated sequence that plays out over the first part of the movie’s end credits.

Who voiced bad cop?

Liam NeesonBad Cop/Good Cop / Voiced by

Is the Lego movie a dystopia?

Kids watching “The LEGO Movie” may not appreciate the contribution it makes to the dystopian genre, but adults will no doubt recognize the dystopian nightmare that unfolds in the film. While it might not seem like a dystopian film on the surface, “The LEGO Movie” checks off all the great dystopian tropes.

Is Rex the original Emmet?

He tries to act like a mentor to Emmet and teach him how to be more tough and “grown-up”. However, later on in the movie, it is revealed that Rex is a version of Emmet from the future where he tried to save his friends but got stuck under the dryer for years.

How did the Lego movie end?

At the end of the original it is revealed that the whole animated adventure is actually being played out by a boy named Finn using the tiny figures from his father (Will Ferrell)’s huge Lego set, which he isn’t supposed to touch. Ultimately, Ferrell allows both his son and young daughter to play.

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