Does Sugarfire have gluten free buns?

Does Sugarfire have gluten free buns?

Gluten free buns are available and I have ordered online and as a drive through. It is always delicious and the sides of slaw and baked beans and homemade sodas are delicious.

Who owns Sugarfire in St Louis?

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson, chef and owner of Sugarfire Smokehouse, poses for a portrait, to be placed inside of the restaurant’s new downtown location. Construction on the restaurant, named “Sugarfire Westy,” began in March. The restaurant seats 90 and features a full bar that highlights locally made sodas, craft beer and spirits.

Did Sugarfire beat Bobby Flay?

“Didn’t Beat Bobby Flay but was still pretty darn good!” Review of Sugarfire Smoke House. Didn’t Beat Bobby Flay but was still pretty darn good! Went for lunch & was kind of like blah about bbq but the food was actually much better than expected.

How many Sugarfire Smoke House locations are there?

We cater off-site at over 30 different locations. See our catering page for more information, and give us a call to set something up.

Who are the owners of Sugarfire?

Sugarfire’s ownership group — Downs; Caroline Downs, his wife; and chef and co-founder Mike Johnson — owns just three of the brand’s restaurants, but it’s on the hunt for a private equity partner that could provide capital to open more corporate-owned stores, preferably in locations occupied by departed restaurants.

Who is the owner of Sugarfire Smoke House?

Mike Johnson is an award winning pitmaster who owns several Missouri based restaurants: Sugarfire Smoke House, which gives traditional BBQ a St. Louis twist and features ribs, pulled pork and brisket. Hi-Pointe Drive-In, a reclaimed 80’s drive in that offers modern burgers using local ingredients.

What food is St Louis known for?

Louis foods include gooey butter cake, slingers, the St. Paul sandwich, toasted ravioli, St. Louis style pizza, St. Louis style barbecue, and frozen custard concretes, to name a few!

How much meat should I buy for a BBQ?

As a general rule of thumb, you can plan for 1/2 pound to 3/4 of a pound of meat per person. This typically holds true for less fatty meats like beef. For fattier meats like pork, you may want to go closer to 1 or 2 pounds of meat per person.

How did Sugarfire start?

How did Sugarfire come about? Carolyn [Downs, co-owner and pastry chef at Cyrano’s] and I wanted to do something together. I wanted barbecue, she wanted to do pies, and that was it: Sugarfire. You really like the fast-casual concept, don’t you?

How did sugar fire start?

The Sugar fire was one of two fires sparked by lightning in the forest around the same time that together have been dubbed the Beckwourth Complex fire. The second fire, the Dotta fire, started June 30 and was 99% contained at 594 acres Friday. Combined, they have burned through 105,757 acres.

Who owns Sugarfire restaurants?

chef Mike Johnson
Louis-based fast-casual barbecue concept Sugarfire Smoke House will open its 11th location in Colorado. Co-founder and chef Mike Johnson is partnering with Colorado natives Chad and Jamie Green to open a restaurant in Westminster, Colorado.

What is St. Louis signature dish?

Louis signature foods. #1 Toasted Ravioli: This breaded, deep-fried dish is undoubtedly the favorite appetizer at any Italian restaurant this side of the Arch. Classically stuffed with beef or cheese, these hearty pasta shells are best served golden brown, crispy and dusted with parmesan cheese!

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