Does Santo Domingo have a zip code?

Does Santo Domingo have a zip code?

The Dominican Republic uses five-post postal codes, which were introduced to simplify and improve the postal service. Unfortunately, not many addresses use the official ZIP code.

What is Dominican Republic ZIP code?

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Country Town/City Zipcode
Dominican Republic Carolina 11510
Dominican Republic Castellana 10133
Dominican Republic Centro De Los Heroes 10101
Dominican Republic Centro Olimpico 10122

What is the zip code for Haiti?

Its detail is as below….Port-au-Prince, Ouest.

Region 2 City Postcode (ZIP)
Port-au-Prince Delmas HT 6120
Port-au-Prince Delmas HT 6121
Port-au-Prince Delmas HT 6122
Port-au-Prince Delmas HT 6123

How do you enter a Dominican Republic address?

Dominican Republic – Address format When addresses are written in Spanish, calle (or C/), the Spanish word for street, may not be written. The Spanish thoroughfare type, when included, is written before, and separately from, the thoroughfare name. It should be written with the first letter in lower case.

What is the area code for Santo Domingo?

How the number is composed

Number Comments
1 1 is the national prefix/trunk prefix inside USA.
809 There are multiple city/area codes in use for Santo Domingo. If 809 does not work, you may try the others. The area codes used are: 809/829/849.
X X is the local number you wrote. Exchange X with your number

What is the capital of Dominican Republic?

Santo DomingoDominican Republic / Capital

How do you write an address for Haiti?

4 digits to the left of the locality name and preceded by “HT”. Address format Haiti is divided into 10 departments, 42 districts, 140 municipalities, 64 quarters and 570 sections. The Haiti Postal Corporation asks that the country code “HT” be placed before the postcode digits.

How much does it cost to send a package to Haiti?

between $200 and $350
How Much Does It Cost to Ship to Haiti? The average shipping price to send a package from the USA to Haiti is between $200 and $350. The cost may vary depending on the item’s weight, the service you choose, and the shipment’s origin.

How do I send mail to Dominican Republic?

The easiest way to send letters from the USA to Dominican Republic is with Global Forever Stamps for $1.30 each. You can also use regular, domestic forever stamps as long as they add up to $1.30. Extra postage is required over 1 ounce.

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