Does Margaery manipulate Tommen?

Does Margaery manipulate Tommen?

She appealed to him by making friends with his cat, Ser Pounce, getting him to talk about his feelings about Joffrey, and even kissing him on the forehead, hinting of more to come. Though Tommen saw this as a sign of friendliness and romantic interest, it was just Margaery doing what Margaery does best: manipulating.

Does Margery cheat on Tommen?

In the show, there’s no indication that she was cheating on Tommen; given the amount of danger she was in just with Cersei alone, especially after her brother had been taken prisoner, it would have been decidedly unwise, and therefore decidedly not-Margaery-like.

How old was Tommen when he slept with Margaery?

In the books, though, Tommen is only 8. That doesn’t stop his family from marrying him off to Margaery, but there is, thankfully, no consummation.

What is the age difference between Margaery and Tommen?

But on the show, his starting age was 10. Now, he’s around 13 or 14. The actor who plays him, Dean-Charles Chapman is 17. In the books, Margaery’s starting age is 16.

What happens to Marjorie in got?

However, a charge of perjury and a false dedication to the Sparrow movement led to her downfall as she was eventually killed along with her brother and father when the Great Sept of Baelor was destroyed with wildfire as orchestrated by Cersei Lannister to reclaim her lost power.

How does Cersei feel about Sansa?

Cersei was satisfied with Joffrey’s betrothal to Sansa as she believed the Northern girl wouldn’t be a threat to her as the prophesized younger and more beautiful queen. She had no qualms about leaving Sansa to Joffrey’s mercy and is enraged when her son marries Margaery instead.

Who was Loras Tyrell sleeping with?

One night, Loras is in bed with Olyvar, discussing the possibility of visiting Dorne or anywhere far away from King’s Landing, when Margaery walks in. She admonishes Loras for making them late for supper with King Tommen.

Are Margaery and Sansa friends?

Sansa could never fully trust Margaery because she’s ‘friends’ with Cersei. Of course, she’s not really friends with her — it’s all a lie, and doesn’t Cersei know it! But Sansa isn’t aware of this, and she wouldn’t want to confide in someone who might go back to Cersei with her secrets.

Was Margaery Tyrell a virgin?

I mean, officially, Margaery is a virgin. Even Loras is ambiguous about whether Margaery is a virgin or not, but it’s definite that she didn’t sleep with either of her husbands. Joffrey wasn’t even interested in sex so much… [Laughs.]

How old is Loras?

These ages are taken from the START of 298 AC/298 AL….Other Characters.

Character Name Loras Tyrell
Book Age 15
TV Show Age 23
Age Difference 8

Who plays tommen Baratheon?

Dean-Charles ChapmanGame of Thrones
Callum WharryGame of Thrones
Tommen Baratheon/Played by

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